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Can I have exact same ad-copies in two (or more) different adgroups?

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Hi all,


I want to know that can I have same ads in two or more different adgroups in different campaigns? If yes, please tell me whether it is right practice or not.

Anand Vishwakarma
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Re: Can I have exact same ad-copies in two (or more) different adgroups?

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Hi avish, it is completely OK to have the same ad-copy in as many differrent ad groups as you like. Of course it may be better to try different ad copies to test what might bring you more clicks and conversions, but if you have a great ad that seems to bring you profit, it is completely acceptable to use it as much as you like!


However, be careful with ads, you shouldn't include an ad advertising, for example, "Dog collars" in an ad group that doesn't have anything to do with "Dog collars". That could lower your click-through-rates, since the ad has no relevance with the keywords the customer used.



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Re: Can I have exact same ad-copies in two (or more) different adgroups?

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Hi Avish,

To answer your question simply. Yes.
You can have the same ad across your adgroups. But i would urge you to think about this once again.
The reason you created different ad groups for a set of keywords is that they were not so closely related and hence the intention of users using those search queries is different. If the intent of the users is different, you maybe better off with different ads.
If the intent is the same, but the key phrase/theme of the other adgroup is different, you should atleast have the headline of the ad copy modified to contain the keyword or key theme of that particular adgroup.

Hope this helps!

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