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Can I exclude returning visitors from my search campaign?

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I am advertising a site that has thousands of independent distributors, all using the same primary domain.  I'm getting traffic intended for other independent distributors and therefore orders are being placed and then later removed.  Is there a way to identify and exclude at the domain level if a visitors has already been to the domain.



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Re: Can I exclude returning visitors from my search campaign?

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Well, you can exclude visitors that have been to your site.

First, you need to setup a RLSA - remarketing for your search campaign. More on that here: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2701222?hl=en
Then, after you have your remarketing list, you just go to your search campaign, then click on tab "Audiences" and then go all way down and click on "exclusion". There you will see possibility for exclusion on ad group and campaign level. Choose what you need and just add your remarketing list (I think it says "all visitors") -> in that way you will exclude all visitors that have already been to your website...

But, if you want to exclude visitors that have been to some other domain (not your website) then I am afraid that I do not know/remeber how to do it...

Re: Can I exclude returning visitors from my search campaign?

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Hi Nicole, you cannot prevent people seeing or clicking upon your Ads with a standard Search or Display Campaign, all you can do is run one or more Campaigns that use a Remarketing List as part of the targeting as Davorin has suggested, however I would add a word of caution.


AdWords conversions often require more than one click/one visit; it can often be 2 clicks but in higher value/high competition situations is may take many more.  If you exclude everyone who has been to your site just once you may actually restrict valid conversions from people who needed to come back a second, third or fifth time before making a decision.


If you can give us some more details of your business, there may be other options you can explore to reduce the number of poor performance clicks.



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