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Can I do location big adjustments while still targeting whole world?

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I'd like to do a bid adjustment for a couple U.S. states that are doing well, while still continuing to target the whole world.  However, when I did a bid adjustment for these states, it ONLY targeted these states.  How can I have it still target the rest of the world too?




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Re: Can I do location big adjustments while still targeting whole worl

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Hi TylerSanDiego,

This is the very good idea to increase your performance. I tried this one with one of my campaign but I am unable set bid adjustment for specific location while I am targeting worldwide. I would like to suggest that create a separate campaign for those two areas and do bid adjustment or create separate ad groups for those areas Geo keywords and increase bid for that ad group.

As per my opinion this one is the best option as of now, I would like to know is there any other options too…..

Thank you,

Re: Can I do location big adjustments while still targeting whole worl

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Hi @TylerSanDiego as @Aravindhu Ch has said, unfortunately while it's possible to target the whole world (by leaving your Location Targeting blank), it's not possible to target the whole world and specific locations in the same Campaign - there's no "Whole World" location option.


As aravindh has said, in your case the best option would be to create a new Campaign for these States.


Having said this, I must suggest that targeting the whole world in a single Campaign is likely to be very inefficient.  Performance varies tremendously from region to region - even within a single country - and trying to write Ads and use Keywords that appeal equally to everyone on the planet, regardless of their location, language or culture is going to be impossible.  I would strongly suggest that you examine your performance data and consider splitting your single Campaign into many that target specific countries.



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