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Can Exact Match Domains affect Quality Score on Adwords?

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We have a psychic site which has an exact match domain name and we're getting very low quality scores and I can't work out why. The landing page, keywords, ads are all relevant so a bit perplexed. There is a lot of competition for psychic keywords so I can understand this may be why but still in some instances we're getting 1/10 for certain keywords. This is paid traffic so would Google still penalise us for having an EMD?

We are looking to rebrand the site and move to more of a brand going forward. Any ideas?


Re: Can Exact Match Domains affect Quality Score on Adwords?

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You should read the many other posts in this forum. What you'll discover is that QS is mostly tied to your CTR. The better ad you have that attracts the searcher, the more they'll click on it and that drives up your QS. You also need specific and relevant keywords to your ad and landing page.

In other words, quality in Adwords is measured by the response of the searchers. If your ad is better (a higher click rate) than competitors, you'll get a higher quality score. Having a EMD has nothing to do with it.