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Campaigns targeting interests with no impression

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 Hello everyone, 


I just started working on a new account and created several campaigns last week. 

All of my campaigns targeting placement are working well, however the campaigns targeting interests are not getting any impressions.

I checked everything that I could think of (ads are approved, all targeting is coherent, budgets are fine as well as payment...)

Could anyone advise on what else I could check to make my campaigns work?


Thank you so much, 


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Re: Campaigns targeting interests with no impression

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Hi Camille,

As far as targeting goes, are you targeting all demographics as long as they fall into the appropriate interest categories? In other words, I'm just curious if you are excluding any based upon gender, age, etc. which would could make your targeting pool smaller? Are your bids

Those would be the only things I could think of. Otherwise I would just doublecheck to ensure that your settings are all correct.

Hope this helps!


Re: Campaigns targeting interests with no impression

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Hello Camille,

Have you tried slightly increasing your bids?

Some of the interest categories usually requires bit higher bids to start going.

My 2 cents