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Campaign traffic dropped significantly- 0 impressions

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From the 9th of June 1 campaign in our Adwords account has stopped performing, completely. 


See example: 




Usually the above 3 ads would average at 600 impressions per day- so this is a massive drop. 


There's nothing to indicate that competitors are bidding on our keywords, or that CPC needs to be increased. Minus the obvious drop in impressions and clicks there seems to be no change in the campaign. 


Has anyone noticed anything similar? If so how did you resolve this? 


Thanks in advance! 

Re: Campaign traffic dropped significantly- 0 impressions

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Hi Tanesha S

Did you tried searching your keywords in Ad Preview Tool to know what is the reason AdWords System is not showing your Ads.

If you have need to know more about Ad Preview Tool, please visit this AdWords Support page: