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Campaign not triggering ads

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Hi there

I run a campaign from last Dec 2013. Everything has gone right, performance good, my leads okie. But suddenly since two weeks ago, just two of my adgroups, thekeywords havent triggered ads any more. I tried to raise by bid, change match type of keywords, check negative keyword to make sure whether I over optimized....since nothing happens

No notification from Adwords, no policy violation, no ads disapprove ect. I called to Adwords center and they are checking but havent replied yet

Have you guys encountered such thing? any suggestions? 

Thank you very much


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September 2015

Re: Campaign not triggering ads

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Hi Yen,
See article below on tips and possible reasons you can't find your Ads. The quickest way to find out why, is to use the AdWords Ad Diagnosis Tool -

Without knowing more about your Account, it's hard to say why you can't see your Ads, but the tool should give you a good idea.

When logged into your Account, and searching for your Keywords via this tool, it should tell you why your Ads are not appearing.
What to do when you can't find your Ad -

About Ad Preview Tool -

Re: Campaign not triggering ads

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Hi there

Thank you for quick comments. And sorry to not clear my issue before
I did not want to mention on not viewing my ads by checking on search result. The issue is my Impression is 0, CRT is zero too, of course.
I tried to raise the bid but still no impression from the keywords once performed well.
I released some negative keywords that may effect on results.
My campaign setting is optimize for clicks, using manual bidding strategy.
The issue happens around over a week. I am trying to set up a new campaign in another account to see what can happen next?