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Campaign always limited by budget + my setup

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im new to adword and my campaign is always limited by budget.

im running a single universal app campaign for a few days now

i currently set my "target CPA" 0.05 USD, actual CPA is 0.1 USD and daily budget to 6 USD (cant afford larger budget - its a non-profit app)

getting 4% CTR and 15% conv. rate


what i can do with the limited budget message? there is anything else i can do better?




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Re: Campaign always limited by budget + my setup

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Hi Italy,

If your budget exhausting before your targeting time duration window then you will always see this message. But you don't worry if you are getting this message then there is no issue with your campaign. You can continue as it is.

Other wise once you will increase the budget then this message will remove from your campaign dashboard.

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Re: Campaign always limited by budget + my setup

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The issue you may encounter with the campaigns 'limited by budget' is:
Your ads will have partial exposure to the users.
If any campaign is limited by budget, then the ads will not trigger all the time whenever a user is searching and hence you may loose useful impressions.

Use the metrics "search Lost IS (Budget)" to check the search impressions lost due to limited budget.

This metrics is not available as default within the adwords dashboard, though you can customise the dashboard.

At campaign level, go to columns >> modify columns >> competitive metrics >> select "search Lost IS (Budget)" >> Apply.

But as mentioned by you that you can't go beyond this budget, then let the campaign run as it is or try modifying the target CPI slightly and then analyse.

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