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Campaign Optimization ( Improve Performance )

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Smiley Wink Hi Friends, I am managing Large account in Google Adword. My Search Campaign CTR is 1.5% And But conversion rate is only 2% , i want to Increase it an My Display Campaign CTR .5% i am not getting enough conversion my CPL ( CPA ) is going very high, please help me to optimize it.. How can i increase my conversion and reduce CPL. i am sharing with you my landing 

Please help me out..  

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Re: Campaign Optimization ( Improve Performance )

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Hello Jitendra P ! Welcome to the community !


Are you using search + partners ?


It would help if you could tell us what type of optimisations have you already attempted ?


The CTR and conversion rate are gathered over what period of time ? Do you feel like it is statisticaly significant ?


How is your campaign structured ?


When you activated CPA did you have enough hystorical data ?


Here is a similar topic with a few marked solutions, to learn from




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Re: Campaign Optimization ( Improve Performance )

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Hi Jitendra,


As you said you're not getting good number of conversions and CPL is going high, I would suggest you to check you Search Term Report for Search Network Campaigns to analyze the clicks you're getting are coming from relevant keywords/key-phrases or not.


I would encourage you to structure your adgroups with tightly relevant keywords and make separate adgroups for different segments. Analyze your STR and graduate those keywords which are getting you conversions and sweep those aren't.


Use proper match types i.e. Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match, Broad Modifier. Avoid using all broad match types keywords. And the most important use Negative Match type also. Put irrelevant keywords in negative match.


For display network optimization I'd suggest you to read this article


I hope it helps you.



Anand Vishwakarma

Re: Campaign Optimization ( Improve Performance )

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Can we see a link to the landing page?

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