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Campaign Optimization Checklist

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Hi All


Please find below the following list of actions which should be taken for the ppc account. Please suggest if you think any point i missed in this list.


Bid Optimization- Every 2 Days


  • Cross check the keywords Average positions on top 25 performing keywords for each campaign and change the bids accordingly.
  • Cross check the keywords performance of last 2 weeks and Increase the Bid if keywords position is lower than 3 & CPA is lower than the Targeted CPA.
  • Cross check the keywords performance of last 2 weeks and Decrease the Bid if keywords CPA is too high and exceeding the Targeted CPA.
  • Always cross check the Hour of Day & Week of Day report for adjust the bidding and budget.

 Keywords Optimization- Weekly


  • Cross checks the performing keywords and label them so that it is easy to identify them and focus specially on those keywords regularly.
  • Cross check the Low Search Volume keywords and labeled them with LSV and pause those keywords.
  • Non Performing Keywords - Cross check the non performing keywords that are not performing anywhere near our projections then Pause them.
  • Peel n- Stick is the practice of taking poorly performing keywords and placing them in a different, more relevant ad groups (or creating new ad groups.). It will also help us to improve the overall keywords Quality Score.
  • New Keywords - Cross check the keywords opportunity tab and find out the new keywords. Cross check those keywords in the Google Keyword Tool for search volume and send it to the client for approval then add in relevant ad groups.
  • Please keep EXACT keywords bidding high then PHRASE and then BROAD MODIFIER.

Negative Keywords- Weekly



  • Cross check Search Query Report on Weekly basis and find out the irrelevant keywords and put at as a negative in the campaigns level and ad group level as per the requirements.
  • Cross check the Google Search box search trend and find out the negative terms and put as a negative keyword.

Ad Copy Check-list & Optimization - Weekly



  • LP - Be sure ad copy landing page should be must relevant.
  • UTM Source - Are there tracking parameters (used for manual tagging) on all Keyword or Ad Group level ads (depending on your need).
  • Always keep at least 2 ads in all the ad groups within your campaigns. It will help us to do A/B Testing of our Ad Copies.
  • Cross check on monthly basis of last 30 day ad copy performance and pause the non performing ads if the ad copies are not meeting our Goal.
  • Make minor changes in the ad copies when we will create new ad copy. That might be in the Title, D1, and D2. We can also create totally different ads once in 2 or 3 month for A/B testing.
  • Mobile Ads - Ensure you have responsive landing page for mobile-specific ads otherwise mobile device should be turned off. If it makes sense for the type of business, make the call-to-action mobile-specific, like phoning the business.


Landing Page Optimization


  1. Landing Page important factors are following:
  • Meta Tags - Title, Description, Keywords
  • Alt Tag Optimization- Image should be compressed, image file name, alt tag.
  • Page Speed should cross checked with Google Developer Tool & Pigdom.
  • Content- H1 should be used in paragraph heading, Keywords should be mentioned in the landing page.

Extensions Checklist


  • Sitelink, Callout & Call Extensions should appear as per demand.




  • Target all devices as long as website is responsive and cross check the performance of the device wise and increase / decrease the Bid Adj. on Mobile platform.
  • Always select Rotate indefinitely: Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads, and do not optimize. It will help us to show the correct A/B Testing for Ad copies.
  • Cross check the Geo report on monthly basis and include / exclude the targeting and increase / decrease the bid through Bid Adj.
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Re: Campaign Optimization Checklist

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Nice list, but I would disagree with whatever said in terms of landing page optimization. Factors like meta, alt, image file name, h1 tags do not affect the experience positively. 


Ratan Jha

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Re: Campaign Optimization Checklist

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Thanks for reply.

Could you please point out some important factor which you have experienced in landing page optimization.

One more thing about landing page that should we create kewyords specific landing page ?

Re: Campaign Optimization Checklist

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You're welcome, Anand.


Landing page optimization should be focused on relevance and user-experience. Thinking from users' POV while doing the optimization is very much helpful. Factors like, relevance, navigational ease, responsive layout, fast page speed, proper content flow, easily accessible contact details, call-to-action plays vital roles in improving landing page experience. 


More can be found here


To your next question, it won't be a good practice to have separate landing pages based on keywords, rather it should be based on keywords theme. 


Ratan Jha

About Me: Community Profile | Ratan Jha INC.
If this or any other post solved your question, do not hesitate to accept it as the solution.

Campaign Optimization Checklist

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Really very informative, thanks for the post Anand


Campaign Optimization Checklist

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Good information, thanks for sharing that list.


When manually adjusting bids I have found it helpful to add these three columns (from Modify Columns > Attributes, on the Keywords tab) in this order. I drag them to the top, right after "Max. CPC" so they are easily referenced:


• 'Est. first position bid'

• 'Est. top page bid'

• 'Est. first page bid'


The 'First position bid' information is relatively new, it was just made available by Google Q3 2016. 


There are many bidding strategies which can leverage the information in these three columns.  For example, you can interpolate when you have bid estimate information in 2 or 3 columns.  Sometimes by raising a bid by 10% you can move rank from the bottom of the page ('first page bid' level) to the top.  At other times you can see the huge premium required to move from top page ranking to first position, and avoid over-bidding.  etc. 


When manually bidding it's beneficial to make use of the information provided by Google by displaying these columns on the "Keywords" page. 


Re: Campaign Optimization Checklist

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