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Hi Guys, 


I am running a campaign for a very unique client. Essentially, they are selling luxurious condos that are valued in the tens of millions. The condos are being sold in a city where the demand for these types of residences are not that high. The client is not pleased with the fact that he is not receiving calls or form sign ups. I don't know what to do to generate more traffic to get him these calls. We are targeting the world. We are using broad match modifier and phrase match. We are targeting keywords like luxury condos, luxurious condos, etc. The clicks we are getting are for condos in "better" parts of the world. The reason why we are getting this is because we are a well known brand. There isnt really a high volume search for my area. Any suggestions as to how I can improve traffic? My boss told me to try and find a "hack"

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Hi Michael

I am hopeful you will get some expert answers here but I am a little unsure about the merits of a 'hack'. After all, the client will surely measure this on ROI and the strength of the enquiries and calls.

You cant force a consumer to have an interest in a niche product. That said, you can certainly deliver clicks with varying degrees of interest and you should strongly optimise the conversion funnel from ads to landing pages. I recommend fully A/B testing landing pages with strong Calls to Action that incentivise the visitor?

I recommend linking Google Analyitics to the account and measuring user behaviour and user journey. Set goals up to help the visitor make the call and enquiry and optimise as much as possible.

Hope this helps a little

James Edward

Re: Campaign Help

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Hi Michael,

I agree with James Edward that it's hard to make consumers have interest in your Keywords, but there is a way to drive awareness, increase Reach, drive traffic, and possibly create demand via Display Advertising.


Have you considered using Display Advertising via the Google Display Network?  Via the Google Display Network you can choose to place your ads  on pages that have content that is related to your Keywords, place your ads on specific websites/pages, place your ads on pages that is related to specific topics you select, place your ads to a specific demographic, and display ads to previous visitors to your website who did not convert.


I suggest you create a targeted Display Network Campaign that targets relevant content/interests/demographics of your target audience.  Doing this you can scale your Impressions and hopefully drive traffic that will convert to your website.  It's important to note that you still have to optimize your Display Network Campaign, similar to how you would to your Search Campaign.


Where Ads may appear on Google Display Network

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