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Campaign Doesn't Spend Budget

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I have this campaigns that doesn't spend the daily budget I set up.

Campaign 1 spends around 50% of the budget

Campaign 2 spends around 9% of the budget

Campaign 3 27% of the budget


I know that could be some potential reasons for this, anda some of them I don't control it, like the demand for the products. But regarding other reasons like "Search Lost IS due to Rank" I control it. The values are

Campaign 1 - 31% > Avg position 1.1

Campaign 2 - 47% .> Avg position 1.8

Campaign 3 - 58% > Avg position 1.5

I think it is strange to have such a high Lost IS due to rank, but ads are in the top 2 positions.

My first goal is to get leads from this campaign and after five days I have

Campaign 1 - 31% > 1 lead

Campaign 2 - 47% > 0

Campaign 3 - 58% > 0


CTR are:

Campaign 1 - 7% > 1 lead

Campaign 2 - 4% > 0

Campaign 3 - 1% > 0

Looking for this values, what do you think is the mais reason for the campaigns don't spend the daily budget? In my opinion, I think campaign 3 doesn't have enough product demand, but I might be wrong. For the other campaigns, specially, campaign 2 I don't get the problem.

What would you suggest so I can spend the budget for the all 3 campaigns and, above all, to get leads from them ?


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Campaign Doesn't Spend Budget

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Hi again João

If I were you, I would to change your bidding strategy to "Target outranking share" (then you have to chose one of your competitor as a benchmark) or "Target search page location" (set the top) and let the machine work for a couple of days.

you can also try "Maximize clicks" strategy if these two above will not improve your stats.

Campaign Doesn't Spend Budget

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This could happen. Regardless of  reason  switch to accelerated delivery of the ads

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Campaign Doesn't Spend Budget

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First of all, not everything you try will necessarily work the way you want it to. You have one campaign that you know converts, and you are still only achieving 31% of the potential impression share, and only spending half the budget. Like @MosheTLV said, try accelerated delivery and make sure you're not losing out on impressions you are eligible for, but not accruing with standard delivery.


The thing about lost IS due to rank is - When you are eligible to accrue an impression, you may be in the "top" position. But, that may only be a % of the total auctions. For the rest of those auctions you don't rank high enough to accrue any impression, in any position. If with accelerated delivery you're still not spending the budget or acheiving 100% impression share, then consider raising the bids and if the campaign is profitable, the budget.