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Campaign Concerns for a Start-up

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Please i am having issues deciding what type of campaign to run, Sometimes clients can be very confused, expecially when they don't know their desired objectives.

i Have a client that wants to focus on brand awareness and conversion at the same time. so i am wondering if the right type of campaing would be

1) 2 Campaigns differently, for Search only and Display Only

2) 1 Campaign, DIsplay with Search Select

3) 1 Campaign Search with Display select.


The budget is limited though, but from my analysis the client needs both search and display .

Please suggest, and give me valid reasons, Thank you..

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Re: Campaign Concerns for a Start-up

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Hi @chima n,


I'd definitely recommend creating two campaigns, one for the search network and one for the display network. They are different in various ways and should be managed separately as a result.


It's important to bear in mind that each network has the potential to attract different user intent, which is where the display network could apply focus on awareness while the search network can be more geared to generating conversions for example. Separating the two networks will also make life a lot easier for you when it comes to creating reports and managing the account; you'll be able to see exactly what's what at a quick glance, rather than having to segment data if you were to use Search with Display Select.


If you find that your client does eventually want to shift more focus into conversions / brand awareness, you can then easily adjust budgets and bids thanks to the two networks being handled in two different campaigns.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Campaign Concerns for a Start-up

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Hi Chima

I strongly advise you to create two or even more separate campaigns to meet your customer goals.

You can use youtube campaign to raise brand awareness.

Remarketing would be useful with both goals.

I hope I gave you enough inspirations

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February 2017

Campaign Concerns for a Start-up

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Hey Chima n,


As per your analysis the client require both conversion and brand awareness. So, in this the best option is creating 2 different campaigns, 1 for search network & 2 for display network. This will interact both conversion & brand awareness.


If you opt for 1 campaign, search with display network then the ads would run on the basis of bid.



Anil R