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Campaign Bid Simulator

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I haven't used Campaign Bid Simulator yet.  I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with it.


I have an account with a 110K in monthly spend, well optimized, good QSs, 5% conversion rate, steady as you go.  


The Campaign Bid Simulator is saying that if we increase our bids by 50%, we'd bump our clicks by 10K/month - given other metrics, it projects the we would get about 2x back in revenue, 1.65x in revenue if we dipped to 4% conversion rate.  Even at 3% we are making an extra 10K.   So, this obviously has some appeal.  Because the account is so stable, I am considering running this by my client. 


I do have a pretty good understanding of statistics, and I also know about diminishing returns, and that we'd have incremental variable costs simply moving the product.


All that being said, I am seeking your experience, the reliability of the projections, etc.

Regards, Doug

Re: Campaign Bid Simulator

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Hi Doug,

Why don't you try this by running an ACE-test? For instance you can use your usual bid for 90% of the time and bid 50% more for 10% of the time.

More info:

Good luck!