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Calls no clicks?

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Hey Team, 


For the past few weeks now I have been receiving high volume of calls with low clicks. I thought it may be people calling the wrong # but I've listened to the calls and majority of them are quality leads. Any insight as to why this could be occurring would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Calls no clicks?

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Hi Janai,

Here are a couple of thoughts that could be helpful to you:

1) Are these old campaigns that previously didn't behave this way, and is this a new pattern of behavior? Or are these brand new campaigns?

2) One reason this could be happening is because people who search on their desktop computers simply dial the number manually, without clicking on the ad. Are you using the Google Voice conversion tracking numbers with your ads? If you are, even manual dials will show as a conversion. So if you're not seeing clicks, but are seeing phone conversions, that would mean that people are finding the ad, and then manually dialing the phone number without clicking it. (If you're not using phone conversion tracking, try setting it up and see if this is the result you get. Further, you'll be able to segment by device, and if you're getting lots of phone conversions from desktop impressions, than that's probably what's happening - people manually dialing the number.)

3) If these are older campaigns that just started exhibiting this behavior, then one thing you could try is segmenting the data by device before this occurred and after, and see if a larger chunk of impressions suddenly started hitting desktops, with fewer going to mobile.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to provide more info and we'll do our best to figure this out Smiley Happy

Re: Calls no clicks?

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Hey Janai,

I think Aaron has the right answer. You should #1 check to see if your conversion tracking for Google call extension is properly working and #2 ask some of these leads if they are manually dialing your number - if so, Google is unable to track it as a click and it is counted as an organic call.

Additionally, Google allows people to place their phone number in the regular ad text. If you are doing so and not including the call-extension OR have the number in both the call extension AND the ad text then there is a good chance people are simply manually dialing your number.

Joshua, Top Contributor
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