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Callout Extensions CTR

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I'm trying out Callout Extensions on an account and looking at the data from this week, when the callout extension is showing, the CTR is 3.72% vs. the account's CTR of 1.71%. So the ads look like they get clicked on more with the callout extensions are showing.


HOWEVER, the CTR when sitelinks are showing is 4.15% so I'm wondering if the callout extensions are actually a bad thing if they are causing the sitelinks not to show, which still have a higher CTR. 


Anyone have an idea of how often the extensions would show together vs. 1 or the other?

Joy Hawkins, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Callout Extensions CTR

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Hi JoyHawkins

Do not worry about callout extensions taking preference over other extensions or the other way around. All extensions are calculated independently, and while some ad extensions may 'prevent' others for showing CTR is the largest influencing factor on which ad extensions take preference when there is an either/or case. This would mean that if adwords were deciding between whether showing callout or sitelink the extension with the higher CTR will win. That being said, usually both get shown.

On another note, be careful with comparing overall stats with extension present stats. You need to remember that extensions such as sitelinks are shown in top positions. So when comparing for example with sitelinks vs without ensure that you are not looking at data where the sitelink was not able to show. Ie segment by top vs other or look at analytics positional stats for your keyword. An ad in a higher position tends to get more clicks, so ensure that you are comparing the correct statistics for each ad.

Good Luck

Re: Callout Extensions CTR

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Hi JoyHawkins,

I'm starting today with Callout Extensions, next week I will share my insights with you and we can compare results.

Thanks for the heads up,
Best Regards,

Re: Callout Extensions CTR

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I am concerned about the validity of stats.

I am showing a four fold positive difference in CTR on callouts vs. the overall.

But little difference between overall before callouts implemented and after.

Seems fishy
Regards, Doug