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Call Only Campaigns vs. Standard Text Ads

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I work with a client that runs a lead-gen campaign for a local business. I noticed that conversions on call-only campaigns were outpacing paid search as 3:1. We have a limited budget to work with, so I moved most of the budget over to the call-only campaign. I'm showing a big increase in conversions, but the client has told me that leads have fallen off a cliff. They reported getting 6-8 leads (from a form submission) per day and stopped getting any completely. I never tracked form-fill submissions at that rate for the paid search campaign, but the drop-off aligns with the shift in budget to the call only campaign? Is there a reason this would be the case? Any help would be mostly appreciated. 

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Re: Call Only Campaigns vs. Standard Text Ads

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Hi @Michael B,


If most of the budget was shifted to a call only campaign, then there is not enough budget in the search campaign - which was bringing the traffic to the site/web form. Also, call only campaigns are focused on phone calls, which the cycle is completed (conversion) even when a prospect clicks through to call and then does not actually call. 


I would consider everything a great test, revert the budget back to search (or add in more and keep both running) and get back to those form conversions the client is looking for. You know they are watching for those form fills... and will be oh so happy with more... so give them more. 


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Re: Call Only Campaigns vs. Standard Text Ads

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HI Michael,

Since you have shifted your budget to call only campaigns, your call volume and conversions might have increased, but client is more interested in knowing number of form fills, so shift back your budget to search campaigns from there you can have your traffic back and number of form fills will also increase which will make client happy.


Re: Call Only Campaigns vs. Standard Text Ads

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Hi Micheal,

I agree with the two above and have a few more suggestions.

In the dimensions tab, you can switch the view to call details and it will show the duration of the calls. If your client is willing to disclose on average how many minutes/seconds it takes for a phone call to be considered a 'good lead' (ex. 5 minutes to go through pricing and different options) it can help you figure out how many of the phone calls are actually positive. If they have received 10 calls so far in the month but only 2 of them lasted longer than 5 minutes, then their amount of good calls is only 20% and if your client finds that form-fill submissions have a higher conversion rate, then it would definitely be beneficial to switch the budget back to search.

Something else that can be useful if you haven't done it already is adjusting the ad schedule for the call-only ads (for this to be possible, you will need a call only campaign and a search campaign) so the call ads only show during office hours. In the dimensions tab>in the view drop down menu, select time, and hour of day can show you what time ads receive the most clicks. This will reduce the amount of calls that will be missed as no one is in the office. If any of your keywords are on phrase, broad, or BMM consistently check the search terms to have an updated negative keyword list in case ads have been clicked on for irrelevant searches. Also checking the user location (in dimensions tab) can show if any clicks are coming outside of the targeted area so you can make location exclusions.

This is my check list I try to go through each day. It sounds like you really know what you are doing so I'm sure most if not all of this has already been checked but I wanted to share some ideas with you in case there was something that could be useful!

Hope this helped.