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Call Only Ad - Not getting any impressions > site + ads approved.

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This is what I did.


1) Created a new account for customer via MCC, and added it to my billing profile.

2) Created a call only campaign for my customers website which is a termite extermination business, where i set mobile bid adjustment 30%
3) Using the keyword planner, i added different ad groups and created an ad in each.


Everything has been approved and its just been sitting there getting 0 impressions total.   


What/why is this happening?


Re: Call Only Ad - Not getting any impressions > site + ads approve

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Hi Net,

It's not abnormal to have low volume with call only campaigns but it is odd that you don't have any impressions. How long have your ads and keywords been approved? Do you mind if I ask how many keywords and what match types you are targeting? It might be that targeting is too narrow or that your bids are too low.

If you hover over the little message box by your keywords (the one where you can get information about QS, etc) do you see any messages? Although the keyword may show as approved, there can still be reasons why they might not be triggering ads and you can often find those messages there.

Did you verify the phone numbers that you are using? Check out this article for more info:

When you created a call-only campaign, did you set it up using the campaign type 'Call-only' or are you using a regular search campaign with call extensions? I only ask because you mentioned mobile adjustments and call-only campaigns only compete in mobile auctions, by nature.

I'm sure you've already checked this but I have to ask just to cover the bases - are you seeing any errors at the top of the account when you are logged in and/or in the top right corner of the account?

I'm sorry that my advice wasn't a little more definite but I hope that it helps. Here's another article on call-only campaigns that may help:

If you can give any more info about your campaigns, I'll try to help you dig into it!


Re: Call Only Ad - Not getting any impressions > site + ads approve

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I've experienced similar on the accounts where I've tested Call only campaigns. Everything seems setup correctly, and ads are approved. We target multiple keywords and have tested multiple campaigns. Yet impressions are very low.


The only change I've found that eventually kick starts some impressions is to hike up CPC. It's not ideal. I'm sure there are others who have other suggestions, but that's the only fix I've found so far. Of course, in ramping up CPC, it's actually more efficient for us just to stick to call extensions on regular ads.



Re: Call Only Ad - Not getting any impressions > site + ads approve

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Same happened to us until we raised bids X3.


So far running "regular" campaign and bringing potential callers to carefully optimized landing pages proved more cost-effective that doing "call-only" campaigns. At least for us. And that was measured across ~10.000 individual campaigns.