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What would you do ti improve the CTR while you have 8/10 to 10/10 QS? Bid is reasonably in high range (which normally I wouldn't set) When you are using different match in keywords to make as tight as you can to bring the impression down? While you are using keyword insertion as well.  Any advice and suggestions much appreciated

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Lot can be done in order to Improve CTR. Following are general optimization tips which can be used here:

1) Run Search Query Report: Find out negative keywords and add them. Find Search terms with less CTR. Add relevant and exclude non relevant.

2) Run Keyword performance report. See keywords with very high impressions and zero clicks. Are you using broad match type? If yes you can see lot of keywords with very less cTR. Now if those keywords can be paused. Pause. Else create new adgroup with lil high bid and see if they bring you some good traffic, leads and cTR.

3) If you are running more then one adcopy, Keep only winning adcopy activate and pause other adcoies. Also Test new adcopy(similar yet different from winning adcopy). If you think adcopy is not appealing, you need to test different variations.

4) If average position is too low. Do some bid adjustment. May if average position is more then 5, you are getting only impressions no clicks. Try improve position and see if you can get some clicks.

5) Test new landing page if there is a possibility.

6) Add more positive keywords from Search Query, you can also look into Opportunities tab and can also use keyword tool to search.


Small tweaks that you can do to improve CTR. Read Article on Improve CTR from User Articles Section.

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Thanks Neha,

I will try these.


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Further to Neha's excellent reply, I'd just point out that you don't have to make big changes to an Ad to make a big difference to its CTR (or conversion rate).  More than once I've seen a dramatic improvement in performance by just changing one word.  If you make too big a change it can be hard to see what's worked and what's happened.  That's why I tend to have more rather than fewer Ad variations and have them in "pairs" where one is very close to another.



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