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CPA Bidding & Avg Position Issue

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I am using Conversion optimizer for a campaign, It has reduced my avg CPC and also the ctr is OK. The issue, I found is that over the time  my avg position decreae from top 3 to below 4 and so it affect the CTR later.

I try to increase the Max CPA of adgroup, but it does not help. My Avg CPC is below $1 and I have increaed my adgroup max CPA to $30, still it does not happen to increase the avg position.


So, what is best suggestion in this case.



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September 2015

Re: CPA Bidding & Avg Position Issue

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Look i also had the same problem. To rationalize the issue Conversion Tracking works based on the formula of getting most conversions on a certain position.

So i think it finds position number 4 as the best position to get more conversions.