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I have been running an Ad-Words campaign for a while now and am starting to get into Optimization mode. I am looking to boost my quality score and thought that working on my seller rating would be a good first step in boosting quality score and subsequently conversions.


My question is: Do I HAVE to use a review partner (Reevoo, for example) to get the reviews for a seller rating or is there a way to generate them myself?


Additional Caveat: My company is a financial services company so we don't sell physical products, deal with returns, etc...



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March 2016

Re: Business Reviews

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Hi @zunalter;

Google relies on independent 3rd party review sites to grade sellers.

So, reviews send direct  you by your clients are not considered.

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Re: Business Reviews

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That seemed to be the conclusion I was nearing myself. Thank you for your clarification!