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Business Data

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I am going to use business data feed to get dinamically updated prices in my ads.


On my web site prices get updated twice a day (at 8am and 6pm) for all currencies. On my google spreadshet uploaded on business data I am going to have an automation that will automatically update prices directly from the website.


Now, on business data you can schedule how often you want the google speadsheet to get updated (and consequently it will update the ads).


The issue is: As on my website the prices gets updated at 8am and 6pm, If I shedule the business data to get updated every 6 hours or 12 hours, it will happen that for few hours my ads will have wrong prices.


For example:

- Let´s say I want the business data spreadsheet to get updated every 12h starting from 8.30am (it will be then 8.30am - 8.30pm).

- When my website runs its second price updates at 6pm, i will have, from 6pm untill 8.30pm, unupdated prices on my ads.


My questions is:

- Is there a way to schedule the speadshet updates in business data, to a specific hours rather than every 6 hours?













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Business Data

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about the only way to handle such exact business-data
scheduling or dynamic coordination, is likely server-side,
with some form of api-to-api integration.

or, consider using an entirely different feature such as ad-customizers --

possibly in conjunction with a script, updated from an external source.

or, simply use a primarily static pricing-model, per country,
currency, and language, to mitigate the need for such updates.

note that any such price-mismatch may trigger
a misrepresentation related policy violation flag,
at any time.

see also!forum/adwords-api


Business Data

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HI @Celebird,


yes at the moment i am using the static pricing model per currency and country. I am gonna go for the second option, ad customizer & script i think that is the best and easier way.


Many thanks!