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Bullk Final Url change in Display Ads

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Hi! I am trying to change final URLs in Display Ads, but can't accomplish it anyway. 

I have many ad groups with display ads. I am creating a copy and pasting it to a new campaign then I need to change all the ad groups destination URLs.


What I've done up to date:

1. Tried to select some ads -> Edit -> Change Ads -> Find and Replace -> Find text in: Final Url. Then I write words I need to change and press Preview. What I get is: No changes will be made.

2. Installed Adwords Editor, but couldn't even find how to Multiple add/update image ads. 


All advice I've found are outdated and refer to the functions I couldn't find in Adwords web or Editor. 

Any help is appreciated. 

Re: Bullk Final Url change in Display Ads

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Hi Egor


try to select your ads -> edit -> change ads

and you should see shomething like that

 Zarządzanie kampanią – Google AdWords (4).png


there you can change your destination URL

Re: Bullk Final Url change in Display Ads

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Hi, Łukasz! Thank you for your response!

As you can find in my question, I've already done what you advice and didn't achieve the result. Here are the two screenshots:

1. Edit function:


2. Find and replace function: 


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Bullk Final Url change in Display Ads

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The best way is to do it in Adwords Editor. Open your account and click on Ads in the menu on left bottom in order to open the list of ads. Then find your type of ads in the list (for example responsive ads) and select those you want to change and in the bottom you will find Final URL. If you want to change different type of ads (responsive and gmail ads for example), you have to do it separately.


The Google Adwords Editor is a great tool so I recommend you to start using it more often to get familiar with it as it can save a lot of time.


I hope it helps.





Bullk Final Url change in Display Ads

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Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the tutorials on Adwords Editor. Thank you a lot.