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I have a campaign that advertises  software that has a different price for PC and Mac 

I would like to get more Mac traffic but cannot use any targeting for this


So I see 2 options:


1) I can fire the conversion pixel less often for PC  (e.g. only once every 2 conversions) - causing Adwords to think Mac is better converting and bring more Mac traffic

2) I can add value to the conversion. This however is a problem as I dont' want the value to be public and if I normalize (e.g. say PC is 1 and Mac is 1.5 ) the values won't reflect a true ROAS and so picking a correct ROAS will be impossible


Any thoughts ? anyone done something like this before ?

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Re: Browser & OS

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First of all, if your budget is sufficient, and bids are high enough (and you are talking about a search campaign), you will already be reaching every Mac user who searches for your keywords.

ECPC (enhanced cost-per-click), ROAS and Conversion Optimizer work by adjusting bids. They don't change any targeting.

I suggest using Google Analytics to determine which is performing better, and then targeting PCs or Macs by changing keywords and ad copy. If Mac users convert at a lower cost for you, make your ads Mac-specific and mostly only Mac users will click on your ads.