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Browser Positioning

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Is it possible to set up adwords so you can go for different positions on different browsers?


Our ads are optimised on Internet Explorer at pos 3 but on Chrome it only shows the top 2 paid results so we dont appear. I would like to be in pos 2 on Chrome and pos 3 on Internet Explorer. Is this possible? Thanks Paul

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Re: Browser Positioning

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Hi PaulClix,


There currently isn't any settings letting you target by browser.


Your average position shouldn't change any more than normal when using a different browser.


Google doesn't always show 3 ads on the top, no matter which browser you use. It's more likely just a coincidence that your noticed this happen.

Re: Browser Positioning

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Hi PaulClix,


Just popping in to confirm Purfuzz's post here. The browser used has no effect on the ads displayed or the number of ads shown. This behavior is much more likely to be due to competition, budget limitations and other things.


Google will customize both the organic and paid listings on a page for you. If you are logged into G+ with Chrome, but not logged in with IE, the results will differ. If you've seen your own ad many times while logged in with G+, Google will eventually stop showing you that ad.


There is currently no option to target by OS or browser.


Best of Luck!




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