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Broad Negative Keywords

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Hi everyone,


I am pretty sure I know the answer to this question to 90% but I just want to make sure I am not gonna mess up my campaigns.

Its about broad negative keywords in a broad campaign and the way they work.




+men's +suits 

+blue +suits


Broad Negative Keywords

h&m suits

fire suits

protective suits

suits dvd box


If I add these keywords to my negative keyword list, will any keyword that has "suits" in it still show or will it be blocked?

In theory they should still show or am I wrong?


Thanks for the help,



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Re: Broad Negative Keywords

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Hi @Nico Rentschler,


You're correct in thinking that they should still show; I'd personally use a different strategy to be sure of it though.


If you're using broad negative keywords then you don't need to include the "suits" part of the keyword, simply include the following:








That way you'll be able to exclude all search terms associated to these words. There will obviously be individual cases where you can't be too broad, but in the examples above I'd imagine you'd want to exclude all traffic.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Broad Negative Keywords

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Hi @Nico Rentschler


You are right, they will still show.


These negative keywords will not block all search terms that has 'suits'. It will block only the search terms where the negative terms are found exactly the same and in the same order.


In other words, the ad won't show as long as all the negative keyword terms are included in the search query in the same order.


Ratan Jha
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