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Broad Match Modifier

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Here is my question,


Below are some of the keywords I identified from Google Keyword tool,


car rental seattle

chaep car rental seatle

seatle car rental

low cost car rental


Suppose if ,

- I only want to target broad modifier keywords

- I like to cover all other keywords which has both 'car' and 'rental'

- The location I'm targeting is only Seatle.


Which of the below is the best practice?


1) I target all researched keywords with broad match modifier,


+car +rental seattle

cheap +car +rental seatle

seatle +car +rental

low cost +car +rental


2) Just target this one keyword


+car +rental


Which will also cover all the above mentioned keywords.

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Re: Broad Match Modifier

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

When using the Broad Match Modifier the words with the + symbol are held as the only required words to be present in the any of the Full search query for your ad to be triggered,

So +Car +Rental would bring up keyword queries such as:

new Car Rental
Find a Car at a good Rental Price
How much is a Car Rental in Miami
and all your examples

In your Example:

If you went with just the one version of +car +rental, you ad would trigger for all the terms you mentioned.
car rental seattle
chaep car rental seatle
seatle car rental
low cost car rental

Which is Best Practice? - It Depends
However I would probably say best practices is to go with +car +rental to cover all those searches, because the keyword term in your account that captures the query will be the one with the best Ad rank ( made up of QS, CTR, Bid Etc).

You would most likely find that only the +car +rental is attacking the query and the other version won't get much impressions or always be beaten out by your main +car +rental keyword.

Using keyword matching options:
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Re: Broad Match Modifier

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Hi Muhammad,


Eric has already given you excellent suggestions. Let me add a few things. 


I would use several relevant versions of modified keywords. For instance:


1. +car +rental

2. +car +rental +seattle

3. +budget +car +rental


and so on... why?


It goes without saying that the first keyword is enough to target all related search queries with car and rental terms in them. But when it comes to performance and control, adding different versions like 2nd and 3rd keywords will bring more enhancements. 


For a user who searches 'car rental in seattle', the keyword 'car rental seattle' will hint better relevance to the system and in most cases will win over simply 'car rental'. As your geography as well is set to seattle only, this keyword will have better expected CTR and hence you will have a better ad rank, and lesser CPC.


Additionally, you will also be able to see what works better. 


In such scenarios, you should usually keep more than one ad copies to have better relevance. It will also allow you to find what works more what doesn't. 



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Re: Broad Match Modifier

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It does seem to me that modifiers would replace 100's of key words and all their variations. Wouldn't it suit your campaign better to use just a couple modifiers rather than 100's or 1000's of varying keywords that will work to beat each other out, which would cause higher CPC?

Re: Broad Match Modifier

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If i used keyword +red Honda bike then what is important in this phrase only red or whole phrase would my ad appears or not......if whole phrase is important then only on Honda bike my ad would appear or not.....and wht about if i triggered it as red latest Honda bike 2015