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Broad Match Modifier and close variants

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Let's say we have in the same adgroup these keywords


+blue +car +rental,  with  CTR 1.15%   AVG cpc $0.84

+blue +cars +rental, with  CTR 2.15%   AVG cpc $0.94

+blue +cars +rentals, with  CTR 3.15%   AVG cpc $0.64



COnsidering that BMM's include close variants such as misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations..Should I pause the first two keywords and keep only the third one because it has a higher CTR and lower ?


Are those keywords competing between them?

Does it make any advantage to keep all these keywords?


For some unknwon reason Google is showing more the first keyword, even though it has the lowest CTR

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October 2015

Re: Broad Match Modifier and close variants

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Hi Adstk,

It's all a matter of AdRank, basically QS x Max CPC Bid. I would suggest you run search terms reports on each of the keywords to see what kind of queries trigger which keyword. If you pause or delete the first 2, that could cause the 3rd to get a lower CTR. The real question is conversions.

The 3rd gets a better CTR at a lower cost. You might try increasing the bid on that one to get a better ad rank. That won't necessarily increase the average cpc.

Best of Luck!

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