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Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Hi all


I have quite a large PPC account with many different campaigns.


I have added broad match modifier keywrods to most of these campaigns as we were struggling to get good search impressions (had taken over the account which had been mismanaged for years and was in bad health).


The health of the account has improved significantly, and all campaigns and adgroups are structured very tightli with concise themes.


However the broad match modifier keywords are messing this up for me now. They are pulling in search terms that are much more relevant to different adgroups (a lot of the time, but not always) even though the search terms are included in other adgroups on exact and phrase match.


I know that this is going to be much more expensive for me in the long run as it's making it difficult to optimise even at this stage. 


My main concern is that it is just the broad match modifier keywords that are converting at the moment - if I was to pause them I am worried about the resulting drop in conversions!


Does the answer lie in some sort of negative matching?


Would love to hear some opinions on this!





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Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Hi Emma,


I had the same problem with a client of mine. We were running multiple campaigns to target various geographies individually, and to overcome the low search volume, I was using BMM keywords.


I did the following:

  1. In the campaign and the ad group check if you have similar keywords. What I mean is, if you have a keyword say 'buy +nike +shoes +online' and say 'buy +online +nike +shoes' these 2 keywords target exactly the same set of searches. Why? Because in both the keywords you have 'online', 'nike', 'shoes' in BMM +. So if this is the case, then you have to pause such (what i call) BMM duplicate keywords
  2. Extensive use of negatives. BMM although restricts the searches as compared to the Broad match type, it is still open to a lot searches. Inter ad group negatives especially act as a life saver when you use BMM. So don't hesitate to use them.

Apart from the above, your basic optimization is the key. Hope this helps you out.

- Neeti Ghildiyal
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Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Hey Emma,


I am totally agreed that broad match modifier keyword generates a large search query list but they can make you run through some serious budget. There is only two way to control this situation, you can pause broad match modifier or you can use adgroup level negative.


If you want to pause your broad match modifier keywords then first of all you need to check your search query report and add all converted term into your keyword list. Once you done with them then pause your broad match modifier keywords.


If you think it is not beneficial then you can take another step to avoid irrelevant search query, you can use ad group level negative keywords. This is the only way through which you can control your cost because broad match modifier generates keyword variations for your campaign. I also faced the same situation just like you and I use adgroup level negative keywords tricks which helps me a lot. 



Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Hello Emma ,


First thing to do would be the keyword diagnosis for your campaigns. See if the keywords which you have included are triggering the ads for that particular keyword or it says that a similar keyword X is triggering ad from Y ad group of the campaign. This will help you identify the cross match keywords which could trigger ads from nearly similar set of keywords.


Once you have identified these kind of keywords, then simply add them as embedded negative match types at the ad group level. This will help you in accomplishing the goal of triggering the required ad from the required ad group. See this for more details.


Another alternative could be creating different campaigns based on different match types and then adding embedded negatives at the campaign level.


Just a thought!


Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Do the above work arounds help you? Feel free to post if you still have issues. 




Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Thanks for all the advice - just working through it at the moment to decide what my next action will be! 


Will update with results as I find them!

Re: Broad Match Modifier Fatigue!

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Hello, Emma.


This is something I hate as well, not being in control of the search terms, i.e. not being able to always direct a search term towards the keyword and the ad I want to. And this sometimes happens when you take over an account, or when you expand one and you use looser match types.


Here's a blog article that deals with this, and tells you how to detect the search terms that trigger more than one keyword: Once you figure out which are those search terms, and what ad groups they fall in, you can decide where to add what negatives. 


Hope it helps.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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