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Broad Match Keywords Priorety in CPA Campaigns

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Assume I'm running a Conversion Optimizaer campaign with a blue widgets adgroup. The adgroup contains two broad match keywords:


Blue Widget

Small Blue Widget


For some reason Google tends to trigger the Blue Widget keyword for "small blue widget" searches a fraction of the time. In the past I would bid slightly higher on more exact keywords and that would do the trick. Since this is a Conversion Optimizer campaign I can not modify keyword bids. Any suggestions? Do I just wait and let Google figure out what ad works best?

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September 2015

Re: Broad Match Keywords Priorety in CPA Campaigns

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Hi Neil,

I think you have a few options to try and resolve this, if you need to.

1 - As you mentioned, just leave it and see if Google can work it out.
2 - Do a bit of account re-structuring so you can have them in separate AdGroups and use negatives at AG level to make sure the right ads are showing.
3 - Same as 2 but maybe just set the CPA higher on the more profitable terms

Remember what data CPA uses as well. Any restructuring will have an impact on Google's auto optimization so it may be worth restructuring first, letting some conversion data build up, then switch to CPA.

I hope this helps you but let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Broad Match Keywords Priorety in CPA Campaigns

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Thanks for the feedback, It's a large account and impressions are rather low on these longer keywords so solution number 1 is probably best as they wont get enough conversions on their own for Google conversion optimizer to accurately bid.