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Broad Keywords Variations - QS

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Hello all,


I've got a question about the usage of mbm keywords. When building an adgroup I normally only add the broad keyword singular because the plurals will also be triggered, so if I want to advertise at the words 'tickets' and 'parcs' I only use +ticket +parc.


Is this the optimal way?


We also have some adgroups with all posible variations like:


+ticket +parc

+tickets +parcs

+ticket +parcs

+tickets +parc

+parc +ticket

+parcs +ticket

+parcs +tickets

+parc +tickets


I've noticed that there are differences in the QS regarding to the variations (2nd example).


What is the best option? Using one broad keyword of using all possible broad variations? 


Or does the ad match has something to do with this? So if the ad headline is "Parc Tickets Festival?", should I use +parc +ticket or +parc +tickets?


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Re: Broad Keywords Variations - QS

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How long have you let the data run to analyze the quality scores? The initial quality scores will change once it runs for awhile.

Re: Broad Keywords Variations - QS

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Hi Nicky S,

You may find the difference between singular and plural can indicate intent. It's that way in many industries. I'd suggest trying both. You may want to set different bids for each rather than have them all under on BMM keyword.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords