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Broad Exact Negatives ?

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Hi all,


A few weeks ago I asked a question on here about how broad the Exact Match Type actually is and got a lot of helpful answers.

I also got this link: Close variants now connects more people with what they’re looking for


I think this is a great and very helpful change Google has made there. While I was checking search terms today to find more negatives for some of my campaigns I asked myself if this works the other way around as well?


If I have a Men's Shoes Exact campaign and a Men's Shoes BMM campaign I dont want my exact search terms showing for the BMM searches. Therefore I would take all my exact keywords and add them as negatives to BMM.

As I dont use as many keywords as I used before the close variants, this means there are less negatives to add. 


Will those negatives still cover the same amount as before?





Men's Shoes



[men's shoes]


Men's Shoes in Exact now allows to show for searches like shoes for men or men shoe.

BUT will the same principal apply for negatives ?



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Broad Exact Negatives ?

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Nico, great question. All negative keywords require that all terms that make up the keyword are present exactly, which is different from the way regular keywords are targeted:


[mens shoes] as a keyword will match to [mens shoe] or [men shoe]


[mens shoes] as a negative keyword will only block [mens shoes] not [mens shoe] or [men shoe]


This behavior is the same for broad match negative keywords which require all terms of the negative keyword to be present exactly (but in any order) to block the keyword. For example:


mens shoes


as a broad match keyword will block searches for:


mens shoes, shoes mens, shoes and mens apparel, etc


but it won't block searches for:


shoes for men, men shoes, etc


I hope this is clear, let me know if you have any questions about what I mean.

Broad Exact Negatives ?

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Likewise negatives won't stop misspellings, and it is impossible to add in all the possibilities. 

When I add negatives, I always add in the plural as well.