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Branding Campaigns on Search: How do you improve your CTR? - Day 1

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Hi Guys,


Over the course of next 3 days, I am going to share with you some of my learning's from running Branding Campaigns on the Search Network and how you can work towards achieving your CTR targets.


When it comes to branding campaigns, we are either looking to maximize visibility for our brand or drive engagement/ improve engagement ratio for the brand. While to achieve visibility, Display campaigns would be our ideal choice mainly because of its wide reach, but when it comes to driving engagement, I believe the Search network is a much better choice because of the fact that the intent of user here is much higher as compared to the Display Network.


In our PPC careers, we all have run branding campaigns at some point of time and many of us must have wondered how do our clients come up with those insane benchmarks for us and how exactly do we go about achieving those targets. 


From a client perspective for Branding campaigns, CTR is a very important metric as it allows them to understand how well their messaging works for them, if they are reaching out to the right set of audience or if they are wasting money on irrelevant clicks/traffic to their website. In short, CTR helps the client understand if their whole approach to the campaign works for them or if they should be thinking of a new strategy in the future.


From an advertisers point of view, a better/increased CTR implies more traffic, better quality traffic (maybe) and overtime higher quality score (QS), higher ad rank and in some cases even lower CPC’s. I am sure, as advertisers everyone here agrees that the above mentioned metrics are very important to us and that we are always striving to achieve this delicate balance in our accounts.

Here are some of the most basic tips that I think can help you improve the CTR for your Branding campaigns.


1) Search or Display Network


When we start planning for a campaign, the very first question that we face is which network should we opt for and I have seen advertisers make the mistake of using the wrong campaign type many a times. As mentioned earlier, Search & Display campaigns have two distinct purposes, where Search Campaigns are meant for ‘Direct Response’, Display campaigns are meant for ‘Brand Awareness’.




By understanding which campaign type to choose, you can ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your themes and are running the best possible campaign. While I recommend that we should always separate Search & Display campaigns, Google’s new campaign type, ‘Search with Display Select’ is something that should also be looked into. According to Google, this new campaign type, allows for more control and direct response via the Display Network and helps you gain 15% more visibility or traffic with no added effort. The reason behind this being, the improved Search and Display Select Network runs on an algorithm which determines when and where your ads are likely to perform best on the Display Network, setting a higher bar for when to show them. Google has further added that initial tests show on average, advertisers could see a 35% higher display ad click-through-rate.


On the other hand, if we were to opt for the Search Network, achieving your CTR goals is step by step process which starts with campaign structuring, splitting the themes, etc. to your landing page. More details on each of these steps are covered in the following points. 


You can read more on Search With Display Select Campaigns here:




2) Campaign Structuring & the Marketing Funnel


Understand where your client & their services/products lie in the marketing funnel. Taking the marketing funnel into consideration while building out your campaign structure will help you structure your themes more efficiently and drive maximum traffic from the same, improving your CTR along the way.




For example, if you are marketing for shoes, keywords like ‘buy shoes’ or ‘sale on shoes’ depicts more of a Direct response theme and targeting the same in a separate campaign in combination with appropriate ad messaging can help you record healthy CTR’s.


3) Campaign Structure


One of the most basic steps towards ensuring that you start out with recording a good CTR is to make sure that you build out your campaigns well. Many advertisers make the mistake of creating just one campaign and stuffing all possible themes into the same campaign. This is not the ideal approach if you want to run a successful campaign. For example, if your client was just entering the market and wanted everyone to know the variety of services/products that they have to offer, you should ideally split the services/products into separate campaigns instead of lumping them all together into a single campaign under different adgroups.




Creating individual campaigns allows you to have better control over these themes and the part of the budget they spend. By understanding which particular theme is the most important for you and allocating appropriate budget for the same clubbed with highly relevant ad copies can eventually translate into higher CTR’s for all individual campaigns.


Hope this helps!





Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Branding Campaigns on Search: How do you improve your CTR? - Day 1

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Community Manager
Thanks for posting this Shashank.

Re: Branding Campaigns on Search: How do you improve your CTR? - Day 1

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Thank you for sharing. Nicely composed. While many clients ask for the "Conversion Focused" campaign, many forget about the top of funnel folks that are missed.

Re: Branding Campaigns on Search: How do you improve your CTR? - Day 1

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