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Branded Keywords Conversion Down

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My Question is regarding my brand campaigns. We have been getting good conversions from our Branded Keywords. But past few days its goes down. Our quality score is 9 but the ad relevance is below average.


Well when our orders are up at that point of time its the same stats. So what could be the reason for this. 


We have checked our search volume on Ad-words for our campaign it shows a drop. 



Please let me know. 

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Re: Branded Keywords Conversion Down

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Hi Richa,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!!!


Without looking at your Account, it's hard to say exactly why you're seeing a decrease, but here are some things to check - 

  • Have you recently added any new Ads?  -- Adding new Ads may reduce your CTR, which could then reduce your Clicks.  Adding new Ads could also  have an impact on how your searchers convert.
  • Is your Campaign reaching it's Daily Budget Limit? -- If you reach your Daily Budget Limit you'll be unable to show your Ads any more that day so that could limit your Impressions/Clicks
  • Have you recently updated your AdWords Destination URL? -- modifying your Landing Pages will probably have some impact on your Conversions.
  • Have you recently updated your Max CPC Bids? -- updating your Bids may lower your position which could give you less clicks and/or it could increase your CPCs which could lead to your budget getting depleted.

I'd check your Impression Share - are you still serving your Ads every time a searcher queries your Branded Keywords?   If your Impression Share is low, it could be a sign that your Max CPC Bids are not high enough, or more than likely, that your Daily Budget is not high enough.


Regarding Ad Relevance, while there are certain things that can help that, such as updating your Destination URL and/or your Landing Page, I'd focus less on your Quality Scores and Ad Relevance and more on your performance.  The goal is to receive profitable traffic from AdWords, and provide a good, valuable user experience.  Provide the searchers with content specific to their search queries.


Finally, not sure how long this has been going on for, but could be just a slight, small blimp.  You may consider giving it a few days/weeks and see how Conversions come in over an extended period of time.

Re: Branded Keywords Conversion Down

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Hi Richa,


One of the reason could be that your competitors might have started using your Brand keywords as keywords in their account leading to drop in conversions for you. That's because using trademark terms as keywords doesn't create any conflicts as far as I know.


Another reason could be that you tried some new versions of text ads which might not be as relevant as your previous version of ad copies were, leading to low ad relevance.


Search volume of the keywords might increase or decrease depending upon the online trends. If more users will start searching for some particular terms, it would increase the search volume of keywords and vice versa.


Try looking at the Historical changes you made in your Branded ad groups or campaigns and see if that resulted in conversions going down.



You could also review your stats in Google Analytics and see if your conversions have dropped from other traffic sources also or not, like organic, referral, direct etc...


I hope this helps!