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Brand Bidding - Paid & Organic Report

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I have been reading several researches lately about bidding on your own brand name and almost all of them advocate that total number of clicks to a site is higher when both an ad and an organic result are present.

Google made a similar study back in 2012 that shows a very similar tendency:On average, 50% of the ad clicks that occurred with a top rank organic result are incremental, i.e, they would not be recovered organically if the ad campaign is paused.

I have been running brand campaign for various clients but I have been unable to evaluate its impact on the overall clicks received by the respective website with an without brand bidding. 

I would be thankful if anyone of you could guide me on how do I gauge the impact of my brand bidding campaigns on the overall clicks and other important metrics. 

I tried to see the Paid & Organic report in the adwords dimension tab, though I didn't understand that. 


Sayem Mustafa

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Re: Brand Bidding - Paid & Organic Report

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If you use Google Analytics (free). you can see visitors to your site broken down by source. It is straightforward to compare the before and after of running a brand campaign

Re: Brand Bidding - Paid & Organic Report

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Hello Sayem,


Please note the whatever the studies are concluded, they take into consideration  some sort of defined numbers. It's like a hypothesis and may or may not be the same for each and every advertiser using Google AdWords.


I would really suggest you to look at your client accounts, test and experiment different campaigns where you can pause brand campaigns for a while and measure the impact in comparison to when you are actually running the Brand campaigns. That would be a specific case study around your clients. Doing that can help you conclude whether bidding on brand words for your customers is working or not.


Trust me in my case, it has worked tremendously. In some accounts, more than 50% of the conversions occur via Brand campaigns for my clients.


Hope this helps!


Re: Brand Bidding - Paid & Organic Report

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Adding more point in Pankaj advice, If you bid on your brand terms you can highlight the best offers or featured product, which give you better ROI. If you are not bidding on your brand terms you competitor might bid on your terms and show the users the best and featured products.

On the hands, Brand terms have lower CPC, so you may get incremental conversion at lower CPA.

Pls read the article for more info:

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Brand Bidding - Paid & Organic Report

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Hey Sayem, how are things?


I would like to share my view on this as well since it's a subject that I always raise with clients and it's always on debate


When we look at the overall marketing and advertising discipline, one of the first things they teach in university is the importance of the brand and the connection it should have with the user. If we look at the user behavior, the user ALWAYS connect with your Brand somehow, no matter what. Talking about online  advertisement, we have the user behavior funnel to help us, which happens in three steps:


  1. Consciousness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision

And why is it important?


Each of those steps will have influence on how the user search for something


  1. Consciousness: The user discover or creates the need for something and enter into a research state
  2. Consideration: From the research, the user begins consider some brands/products and to exclude others
  3. Decision: The user already know what product and what brand he want to buy

and that behavior will have direct impact on keywords:


  1. Consciousness = Generic keywords, such as: cars, notebook
  2. Consideration = BRANDED keywords, such as: honda cars, honda models, notebook dell, sony vaio notebooks
  3. Decision = Long-tail keywords, such as: honda fit blue 2016, notebook dell inspiron i7 8gb

That's for me it's the most important aspect, because each one of those steps overlaps with the next, meaning the user will eventually engage with your brand and it's an important step on this buy journey.


Google have studies on branded terms showing that depending on your brand awaress, conversions in your account could represent in average 52% up to 96%, yes, 96%! 


I've personally used branded keywords in all of my accounts, and whenever some the client refuse to buy branded kwd, we can see a huge drop in conversions. Not buying branded keywords in my personal opinion are definitely waste of results, specially because if you're not buying, you are giving space on the funnel for the user to consider someone else.


My thought on this was always this: "If the user already know or heard from your and is searching for your brand, why not be there when he need?" Not be there doesn't make sense to me X)


Well, that's my view on this. Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click