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Bounce Rate Issue

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My campaign is running on search network. I noticed that Bounce Rate (50%) in Organic Search Traffic Report better than Bounce Rate (82%) Inorgenic (Paid) Search Traffic. Keywords, Website Content and landing page are relevant.


Suggest me that Why is going to high bounce rate in Inorganic Search Traffic? What Would I Do?

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Re: Bounce Rate Issue

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The paid visitors probably don't find what they are looking for in your landing page. You have to make sure that your paid campaigns are targeting the right audience and bringing them to the right content, here are some tips can give you briefly:

1) Try to use more specific keywords.

2) Use negative keywords.

3) Use managed placement , try to combine more targeting methods.

3) Create simple, relevant, easy to navigate and professional landing page and always keep optimizing. Avoid including any distracting content or links in the landing page.

4) Use clear call to action that can guide your customer to where to go next.

Finally, I highly recommend you to go through this article, it's really helpful.. 20 tips to reduce bounce rate:

Re: Bounce Rate Issue

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Hi Satya,


If I am not wrong here, you are saying that Bounce Rate from organic i.e. natural search results is lower as compared to the traffic you are getting from Google AdWords has high Bounce Rate.


If this is the case, I would first suggest you to review your search terms report and make sure that you are getting relevant traffic to your website, otherwise Bounce Rate will increase if irrelevant traffic is reaching your website via Google AdWords. You will have to add negative keywords to reduce irrelevant traffic and improve user experience to make sure more relevant traffic comes in and thereby leading to low bounce rate.


Are you using single stand alone PPC landing page for your Google AdWords ads or it is the website pages you are targeting. Reason I am asking this is because stand alone PPC landing page is bound to have high bounce rate.