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Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more clicks?

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Zee Community Manager
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Hi Community Members,


I’m pleased to introduce our next applicant from our Boost Your AdWords Account: Crowdsourcing Solutions for the Back-to-School Season series, Phillipa from GoVote. Phillipa is in charge of the company's AdWords account.


About the business: GoVote provides managed election and voting services for business and community organizations. This company has been providing a complete range of professional voting services for thirteen years. GoVote is secure, independent, fully audited and offers multiple channels for voting depending on the clients’ needs. GoVote also provides the services of a Returning Officer who can organise and administrate the entire ballot process, or we can work with the client’s representative to provide specific, customized services.


GoVote can provide any database management service. One service we offer is providing managed surveys. We can organise and manage online surveys ranging from ten question feedback surveys to larger, more complex surveys.  All our surveys are audited and managed through secure servers and we can provide results ranging from simple to cross tabulated and in-depth reports, again - depending on client specifications. Much of this survey work is related to companies needing workforce planning data.





                    Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.47.23 AM.png


AdWords Account settings: AdWords account is currently not active due to the national election, but the company would like to continue running it again after September, 7th. The account targeting is set for Australia and campaigns were set to target the search network only. The search campaign had only one ad group with one ad text.  CTR was very low way below 1% and average position was at 3.8. At the moment there are no ad extensions or special features used in the account.


Phillipa's main goals are:


  • Increase number of clicks,

  • improve ad position,

  • and ultimately, get a better CTR.

Can we help Phillipa with her account performance?




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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to hearing ideas and suggestions on how to wrangle adwords and get the results we need. So far I've found the learning curve to be pretty steep! I've nosed around the community forums and discovered the best way to learn was from other people like me - not advertising or IT people, but ordinary people in business.


My business partner, the guy who does all the IT work for the business doesn't have time to take on the advertising, so I'm on my own - with your support hopefully!

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi Phillipa and Zee,


Welcome to the Adwords Community PhillipaSmiley Happy


As you Primary Goal is to increase relevant Traffic the website and Click.

So i would like to suggests to add some 


1.) Do A/B Testing:- So Add one or two ad copy in per ad words so that you can analyse which one is performing better and pause the under performing ad copy.


2.)  Add Site Link:- Add Some Site Link in your campaigns. Through this we can convey other product information and redirects to the relevant page other than same landing. Ultimately will get Good Traffics.


Learn More about Site Link


3.) Create one Campaigns For Display with Tightly Themed Keywords


4.) Improve The Quality Score of the will help to achieve the Avg Position.

Learn More about Quality Score.


5.) Add Negative Keywords:- Keep a Close tab on Search Query and add them as negative Keywords if they are not relevant for Business.


Best Of Luck



--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi Phillipa,


I have a small suggestion about your website. I opened up the home page and I think your Get a Quote form is not getting proper highlighted as it should be. In order to get more attention for the users to fill up that form, you can try some attractive button saying "Immediate Quote" or "Get a Quote" or "Instant Quote" like a slider so that when the user scrolls down, the button follows it with the scroll and if interested might click on it and fill up the form to give you the desired lead. Something like below screenshot:


2013-08-30 19_24_12-.jpg


My thoughts only...


Now, coming to the Adwords specific part, only one ad group with one text ad is not sufficient enough to test Adwords. 


As said above also, you should have atleast couple of ad copies per ad group so that you can do the split testing and see which one is performing better.


In order to improve on your CTR, it is important to see which type of keywords you are using. Exact and Phrase matches will target most specific audiences for you. I am not sure what match types you have.


Reviewing the Search Terms Report and identifying the relevant and irrelevant queries is another important task for you. If there are lot of irrelevant terms, you will have to add them as negative keywords so that moving forward, your ad is prevented when someone searches based on those terms.


Including the relevant terms as keywords in your ad campaigns is another important task which you should think about and follow.


I don't know what is the current status of the Quality Score of your keywords. If it is low (i.e. less than 5), then you seriously need to reconsider working on your keyword terms and improve on it. 


Sitelinks are very important and plays a crucial role in terms of CTR. So you should create some good sitelinks and include them at campaign or may be ad group level if you want. This is the beauty of Enhanced campaigns because it wasn't possible to have ad group level sitelinks in old legacy campaigns but now you can easily experiment with them as well.


I hope that should help you to move in a positive direction for optimizing your account and achieve the desired results.


Best of Luck!


Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi Pankaj and Rakesh, thanks for taking the time to answer my query. From what you've both said I can see that site links are important and we'll get onto those, and the quote button will go up today. The site is being rebuilt so it's not as good as it could be yet. We are hoping to get all the info in place and then get a designer to smooth it all over.

Running more than one ad is another strategy we'll definitely try. One of the issues I see with the keywords is that there simply are not very many of them relevant to what we do. It's a very narrow specialised service, as you can imagine, a business service that not all business need. So the amount of searches for voting services is very low. It's not like we are selling TV's or offering a cleaning service. It's getting at that narrow niche market that is the challenge.
I've thought of using words that are close to what we do, but not exactly. More general, like "corporate"' "business consultantancy" and so on, but it all seems so hit and miss.

Next week we'll be re-activating the ad - suspended because of a national election - and I will try two or three different ads with a variety of words and see which ones appear to be the most popular.

Thanks again for your suggestions, I hope I'll be able to report back and say 'it worked!"

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi, Philippa!

First of all, don't worry - everything can be learned given effort & time. At first it seems overwhelming (seemed like that to me for some time), but once you start understanding how adwords works and how to get best results, it all starts to come together more easily. Smiley Happy

All the previous suggestions are excellent and you should definitely give them a try. Speaking about keywords and your ultra niche market, you can get a lot of help from the Search Terms Report; it will be a great help to discover new keywords you maybe hadn't thought about, and that's how users are finding you. I'd recommend checking out this Google help page about it:

You could also try using some broad match keywords to help bring in search queries related to the keywords you are already bidding on. By studying the search reports afterwards you can start refining the keywords and use less broad matches and more phrase and exact ones.

Landing Pages are important too. Do you already have some in place? If not, also give that a try. Develop simple but well designed (and responsive) landing pages, including keywords you are bidding for in the copy. This will help you get better Quality Scores for your keywords.

The following tutorial might come in handy too:

The beginner’s guide to Google Adwords

Best of luck and let us know how it went!

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hello Phillipa;

I  will add a few short comments to the great suggestions already given;


  • You are promoting a niche service; (which is also not   a cheap service...). These types of services are best promoted using search (i.e. The user exactly knows what he / she is searching for; usually with a very specific keywords,)
  • Use keywords that are relevant to the business. Do not go too general with keyword  terms that are not truly relevant to the business. I am usually not a great fan of broad match; but in your specific niche service - I would use it;
  • Users do not  sign up for this service instantly:  they do conduct some  research prior to signing up; So,  RLSA could be used effectively  to target  users visited the site, and continue to conduct searches about the services offered.
  • And last comment, about the landing page; though  a niche service,  I  would make the text more marketing oriented (and use bigger fonts).. 



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hi Camilo and Moshe,

Thank you both for taking the time to give your excellent advice. Definitely the landing pages need to be spruced up and seeded with keywords and I love this Broad Match and RLSA thing you mention. I'll have to sit down and really chew over all these ideas to get a firmer grip on how and what I'm doing. Our ads will be back up next week, so I hope after say a week of new ads we may have an idea of what's working and what isn't so successful. I'll report back and let you know. I appreciate everybody generous advice. It's all been much more accessible than being faced with pages of instructions. I'm going to do the beginner's guide to Adwords tutorial as well - good suggestion. Thanks again, guys!

Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Hello, Philippa.


I had a look at your website, and read Zee's description of the "case", and here's what I can suggest, apart from what my colleagues already did:


  • do a Google Search for "independent voting services" on Google Australia, and look at the top three organic results. For me they are Cirrena, FmGroup and CorpVote.
  • have a look at the keywords they're targeting (two of them have them in the page source)
  • take those keywords and feed them to the Keyword Planner


Why all this? Because you need to find out which search terms are used by your audience in conjunction with the services you're offering and target them. Google does not use synonyms to target ads, or related words (although they do show ads for similar keywords if you check that option, but its' limited). So you need to learn people's jargon and use it verbatim.


  • take that list of keywords and pick the top searched ones which denote interest for your services
  • try to create concise ads which incorporate those keywords, preferably in the headline and if that's not possible then the description lines
  • remember that all ads in an ad group can be paired with any search term triggered by any keyword in that same ad group. Whenever you see that an ad might not go too well with another keyword on that list, create a new ad group.
  • use exact and phrase matches to begin with. If you have some exact match keywords with decent search volume, you'll have your ads triggered. If the CTR for the exact match keyword and its very related ad is not sufficient, or if the CPC is too high, chances are that for a looser match type they'll look even worse


This should be the testing phase, when you get a glimpse of how your ads are performing when paired with relevant search terms, triggered by well-targeted keywords. You'll be able to expand later on, and also use negative keywords to compensate for any phrase match keywords that trigger for unwanted searches.


Next step: landing pages.


The moment you have relevant search terms and good ads, you should get some leads, right? Not necessarily. All the good work you've done so far can easily be spoiled by unfocused landing pages. Your landing page should be a natural extension, a logical clarification, detaliation step of your ad.


It should clarify and detail your ads message in a matter of seconds. That's how much you have. So instead of long text pages, with items which require careful reading from your visitor, use elements which are easier to scan, because this is what we do on the web. We scan, we don't read. At least not to begin with.


In my view, a good landing page should take a broader topic, such as "independent voting services", and show the types of voting services you offer. All on one page, so the visitor can choose what he's interested in. If postal voting is what your potential customer may want, show him you do that, with a nice image / video, an easy to read headline and very few explanations. From then on, if he clicks on "postal voting", that's the moment when you reiterate what you had in the brief description and then delve into the details. Spoon feed them, or brief them on a "need to know" basis, if you wish. We all hate too much information all of a sudden, or information buried between bits of boring stuff.


Also, use a nice, brief, yet always visible "get in touch with us" area, which people can use either to call you (show them your number), have you call them, e-mail you, submit a form, etc. But don't be too pushy with it. Just have it there, in case they need it.


I hope it doesn't sound too intimidating, but there is indeed a lot of work, and there are a lot of dials and buttons that can be pushed to turn a racing car straight out of the drawing board into a well oiled machine, perfectly adapted to the circuit it's about to run on.


Good luck!

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Boost your AdWords Account: How to get a better CTR and more click

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Thanks for your feedback Calin, I've combed through most of the other voting services ads and listed their keywords words. I'll certainly be following the rest of your plan. I like your insight that we scan the net, not read it, always looking for our own keywords. I expect it will be a slow build, a mix of trial and test, good luck and persistence. Your detailed advice is much appreciated, thanks again.