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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Structured Snippet Extensions

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I was really excited about using these extensions when I first heard about them. However I have run into a problem which makes them much less useful to me and frankly I do not understand the basis of.

In short the problem is that, starting with Monday of this week, I attempted to create snippets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday which read as follows: "Free shipping, 4+ packs" and refers to offering free shipping for orders of 4 or more of my product. Please note that this language is nearly identical to one of the examples listed on the help site for this type of snippet (theirs is actually too long). The above snippet, and minor variations that I attempted, have all been disapproved. 

I have contacted AdWords help a couple of times on this and keep on getting a rather lame explanation: I was told by the help rep that the "back-end" folks had a problem was with the use of the words "free shipping", and, that the help article would be edited to remove/modify the "free shipping" example. That hasn't happened even though the advertising period for this is now active. None of the reps that I contacted was able to explain why "free shipping" was not allowed, or, what made "free shipping" different in their eyes to offering a "% off". In my case, offering "free shipping" works much better and is the preferred option. Frankly, I do not understand this and resent having to go through creating snippets which at one time were apparently OK but now for some reason are not and no one is able to explain other than "not acceptable to the back-end folks". If anyone at AdWords is reading this: can you elucidate ? and please clean this up.

Any one else run into this problem or have any thoughts as to what is AdWords' reasoning on this? Thanks


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Re: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Structured Snippet Extensions

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Hi Rob
This is actually a great discussion to have. I have some massive issues with the confusing nature and sometime arbitrary disapproval of some extensions. I write and manage thousands of extensions like these every day and I'm fairly certain that I'm clued in at this stage.

The BF/CM extensions are just additions to the structured snippet extensions and they're new so nobody really knows what to do with them. I have not heard of the "free shipping" issue however, I wouldn't put free shipping into a structured snippet. Free shipping and other offers like the ones you mentioned belong in callout extensions. I've found callouts appear more frequently though all else being equal. So if this is vital to your BF/CM promo, I'd take that approach, at least until you get this resolved.

As this is the first year the BF/CM category is available, I think there's a lot of feeling around in the dark going on. For AdVertisers and for Google.

A tip that might be frowned upon though, when other extensions were new, I found that resubmitting them multiple times (as long as they comply with policy), eventually they get approved.

Unfortunately, that's all I can provide right now. You're going to have to call back support if you want this chased up further. However, if it's an engineering problem like you say (again, I wouldn't be putting free shipping into a structured snippet), it will likely be resolved soon.

Re: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Structured Snippet Extensions

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structured snippets should highlight a
specific aspect of a product or service
and be aligned with the selected header --
generic promotional text is not allowed.

for example, free shipping on orders over $25
should be specific enough but, free shipping
would likely be too generic.

the text example in the documentation is
likely acceptable but the graphic is not.

callout-extensions must be unique --
for example, free shipping should be accepted
in terms of usage but would likely be disallowed
if used for multiple ad-groups or campaigns.


of course, google is the final arbiter of all rules and policies.


Re: Black Friday

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you that the "free shipping" option can also go under the callouts and in fact had already done so. Like you, I also think that these types of offers (discounts, free shipping) actually belong as a callout rather than a snippet (assuming that I understand fully what they intended the callouts for). However, when AdWords first publicized these "limited time" snippet options part of their pitch was that they could be used to bring attention to special discounts associated with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates. As I indicated they discuss, and provide specific examples for, these particular snippets on their help page and, again, the examples mention discount and free shipping verbiage. Also, as you suggested, I am going to continue submitting these to see if at some point they go through. It'll be interesting to see if they actually change the example on the help page ....

Re: Black Friday

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Thanks for the response Celebird. I agree with your interpretation of what structured snippets should be used for. However in this case it is AdWords itself that offered the use of these snippets for a limited time and for the specific purpose of highlighting discounts or special offers (their own wording) for the period spanning Black Friday and Cyber Monday only. These particular snippets are supposed to be suspended after this time period. They provided the headers and specific examples of snippets. The snippet language I chose "Free shipping, 4+ packs" aligns (in my opinion) with what they state as permissible in their help section for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Headers. Given the short amount of space for the snippets there is not much room for making the offer clearer. I am however going to try submitting yet another variation using a dollar value above which free shipping applies instead of the number of packs (the product I sell) above which free shipping kicks in. Let's see if that flies ...