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Bing Question

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Hi All,


I'm very sorry to post this in this AdWords forum but I'm pulling my hair out trying to sort this out using Bing support and I know I always get the right answer here! Smiley Happy

I have tried speaking to Bing via the online chat and over the phone and everytime I have done so it has been one of the most frustrating experiences! I contact them to ask how to do something then I end up having to explain how the system can work and being told to wait for them to speak to someone else about it then hearing nothing back.

Finding the whole interface ridiculously bad to use and this service has just topped it off!!


My questions are:

1. I have set up two different goals in the Campaign Analytics section - I want to be able to see within the conversion section of the interface which conversions are which goals? I can find no way of doing this and the bing staff seemed baffled by the request also.

2. I originally set up my ads with utm tag in the destination URLS's - however I then noticed that there was a section in the Accounts section (random?!!!!) where you can enable Bing to add these tags automatically for you. I have since gone back and changed all my URL's to just the standard URL of my website then gone back and enabled this feature - will this mean that my URL's will be updated?

Any help anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated - I am really struggling with this - been using AdWords for over 7 years and am shocked at how poor Bing's interface and process is for their version.

Thanks so much


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Re: Bing Question

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Hi LauraBburn,


Welcome to the AdWords Community Smiley Happy


We would not comment on any third party brand. As far as i understand your question, you want to see the traffic source and goal details in Google Analytics interface.


As you have already used the UTM parameter in destination url, you can see the Goal reports in GA:-


Go to the Acquisition Tab>> Traffic Source>> Here you will find the all traffic >>then filter out Bing>>


Then change your goal that you want see the reports.


Here You can see Bing/Organic and Bing/CPC, "Bing CPC is your paid traffic.





To get the better and quick response please post Google analytics forum for GA related query!forum/analytics

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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