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My adwords account billing is higher but we got few leads.


So anybody help me for that? how to dcreass budget and get more leads?


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All things being equal - if you are spending more money on the ads, you are getting more visits.


If your visits are not converting into leads there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself - and these are not in any particular order.....


1. Are these visitors actually looking for what I offer? - are the keywords and the ads relevant to what is then on your website... the quickest way to decide this it to look at the bounce rate, time on site and pages visited of the Adwords visitors - if they are getting to the site and leaving immediately then it's because they are not finding what they were looking for.


2. Are my keywords / ads confusing? Is it absolutely clear what I offer? Could people misinterpret my ads? Are the keywords too generic? Here's an example... let's suppose you offer business accounting.... and you have a keyword "better business" - which triggers an ad with the headline - Better Business Results... you are sure that you are offering a service which will give people better results in their business through more stringent accounting practices. But visitors might be looking for ways to more successfully market their business, or how to get better exam results in their business studies course, or a whole string of other things that are not what you are offering. These visitors get to your site and immediately realise that this is not what they were looking for.


3. Are visitors to my site from other sources (such as Google organic search) behaving differently from the AdWords visitors? If the visitors from organic search are converting - what keywords are they using to find your site? Are you using these same keywords in your AdWords campaigns?


Of course, if these visitors are also not converting - in fact if no one is converting then....


4. Does my site effectively convert visitors into leads? This is one of the hardest things to explain to clients in my experience... they have spent a lot of money developing a website that they are really happy with - and it just doesn't work - in terms of doing what it is fundamentally supposed to do - i.e. sell, get sign ups, get form completions, phone calls, whatever.....


If the site isn't working, then throwing more money at getting more visitors is pointless.... you'll just waste more money on top of that already wasted....


This is the most likely case here.... take along hard look at the site.


Then develop some alternative landing pages with different calls to action. See if you can start to get conversions from any of your traffic.


Going back to your original question - it's not about decreasing the budget and getting more leads... it's only about getting more leads. Whilst it may be obvious, if it costs you $10 per lead then you'll get 100 leads for every $1000. If each lead costs you $500, you'll only get 2. Working on improving the website to convert more visitors is more important than looking at ways to get more and cheaper visitors. That is important, too - but it has to be a secondary consideration until the site can convert traffic.