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Bids seem to be changing

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Hello: I have set my Max CPC to the same dollar value across all keywords but over time the values change always going lower. I do not understand why this is happening. How do I keep the Max CPC I set?
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Re: Bids seem to be changing

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Hey Micheal,

I am confuse with your question.
1. Is your actual CPC is lower than Max CPC??
your CPC become lower for First page Bid?

Re: Bids seem to be changing

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The Max CPC shown is lower for some keywords but unchanged for others even though I set the same $ amount for all. This happens if I set a hard override $ amount or use the default $ amount.

Re: Bids seem to be changing

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Thanks for writing in,

If you want all the keywords in an ad group to have the same bid: Set an ad group default bid. If you choose a $1 CPC, then that's your max. CPC when someone searches for donuts, crullers, or apple fritters -- any of your keywords. The same bid applies to placements if you're running your ad on the Display Network. This is the easiest way to manage your CPCs.
If you want the keywords in an ad group to have different bids: Set keyword bids. For instance, if you know that people who search for apple fritters tend to buy more than people searching for donuts, then you might bid $1.25 for each click on apple fritters and $1 for each click on donuts.
If you want your Display Network targeting methods to have different bids: You can set a max. CPC for placements, topics, or other targeting methods. For instance, you can try to help your ad show on a donut recipes website by setting a custom bid for that particular placement on the Display Network tab.
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Re: Bids seem to be changing

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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the community! What you have set is maximum cost per click (Max CPC) which is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click.

Your actual cpc for each keyword can be lower then max cpc but can never be more then the max cpc. You can always make bid changes for individual keyword to get designer average position. It is not necessary all keywords in your account will be charge same cpc if max cpc that you have set is same.

I recommend you read some of these resource center link which will clear you doubt:
Actual CPC:
Average CPC:
Maximum CPC:

Please let me know if it clears your doubt or you have more questions.


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