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Bids on a partner name

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Hi everyone,


I'm facing a problem in my account. We are a third part lead generator.

We are having close relations with more than 100 branches all over the country.


And one of our client (buying our leads) is generating a lot of search on its name on Google, but is not using Adwords.


Two competitors, offering the same services as we are offering are displaying ads on the concerned partner name keyword (they also have some business with them). 


There is not possibility for us to have an agreement with the concerned partner, to use its name in our ads, even if it could solve all my problems (Company policies...)


My problem is the following one :


Our competitors are displayed for our common partners name keyword. However, unless I'm setting a huge bid on the keyword, my ads are not displaying. 


Our content on our site is as important as our competitors. 


So what are your advices in this situation? My Quality score for these keyword are very low (as expected) but I can't understand my competitors can bid and be didplayed, but not us (and as the business model is quite the same, thei bid can't be much higher than ours...).


Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Bids on a partner name

Google Employee
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Google Employee
Hi Guizzz. Thanks for posting.
Your competitors might be performing well on those words in the past, which is why they rank well now.
The way that you can improve the likelihood that your ad shows is by either improving your Quality Score or increasing your bid.
If this is a new account, you may need to build up historical performance for those keywords.
So think about having the following:
  • Have Keywords in your ads
  • Don't have irrelevant keywords in the ad group
  • Maybe try increasing the bid while you build performance
  • Maybe think about including sitelinks

Does anyone else in the community have any additional ideas?


Re: Bids on a partner name

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi there; To follow with @Shanea K ;

  • What is the QS for the partner's name,  as a keyword?
  • Look at the auction insight for this keyword? How is it performing compared to the competitor? (when competitor bids on the same keyword?)
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Bids on a partner name

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Bonjour Guillaume !


I have read that "There is not possibility for us to have an agreement with the concerned partner, to use its name in our ads, even if it could solve all my problems" so unfortunately the idea of using trademark name in Ads is not possible as suggested.


I will enumerate what I would find as actionable measures :


1) Besides the exact match of the the trademark have you used any other keyword matches ?


2) Have you used the keyword planner or other tools to find out longer popular keywords from 4-8 words which included the trademark ? These should require a smaller bid and should bring a higher QS.


3) How big is the Geo targeted area for this brand ? You could segment the Geo report to find cities or larger areas where you receive many impressions meaning that the competitors are bidding less there.


4) If you look at the Dimensions report , the hour of the day , is there a pattern, a slip of 2-3 hours when your bid is managing to actually get good results in terms of traffic or conversions ?


5) Are there any time segments you haven't used such as nights or weekends ?


6) Have you tried competing on mobile traffic for this trademark ? In this case shorter keywords should be used.


7) Have you tried bidding on abreviations of the trademark not their actual full name ? Some trademarks are popular among people through abreviations or nicknames of the trademark especially if their name is from 2-3 words or more.


8) If the name of the trademark is hard to write , have you tried bidding on natural misspellings ? For example a popular brand Jysk could be written by a searcher jisk . [edit ] Another example is how french look for Mc Donalds , they type macdonald according to google trends globe [/edit ]


9) Have you tried remarketing in Search to bid higher just for people who already visited the site if the visits end up on a site that you control ?


[edit below ]

10) Have you tested the trademark name together with words from other popular languages in the Area ? For example a trademark could be popular among searchers in Europe for 3 or 4 languages, and your competition could be targeting the trademark in only 1 language. [/edit]


I am a fan of the French forum, just a reader, because it is a popular language in my country Romania . Congratulations for your efforts there !

Re: Bids on a partner name

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Hi everyone,


Thank you very much for your very specific answers !


@Shanea : I already checked all these subjects. But that's a good starting point for a lot of people having troublesSmiley Wink


@Moshe : The Quality score is extremely low (between 1 and 3, depending on the keyword matchtype). It definitely explains a big part of the problem.


Concerncing the auction insight, my competitor is being displayed more than 90 % of the time, with 85 % of its impressions in the top of page results, while we are being diplayed around 40 % of times with an avergae position 7.


@Adrian : Nice to see you thereSmiley Wink


1 : I have tried all keyword matchtypes on the partner name. Also mispellings. Mispellings have better quality score than the name itself.


2 : I have tried to add some 2/3/4/5 popular keyword with the trademark inside, it doesn't change anything. I'll now add more, such as partner name + city, … as local searches are important in the business sector.


3 : I'm targeting France, and my competitor is running his campaigns on a national scale. So there is only one bidding strategy.


4 : We have 2 periods in the day, where other campaigns are performing much more than the other day segments.


5 : I'm using every time segments


6 : Thanks for this adviceSmiley Wink I'll optimize it and see what happens.


7 : There are no abreviations on this particular trademark.


8 : The mispellings are used. The quality scores are better than the real name of the partner...


9 : Remarketing can be a very usefull solution in my case ! I'll try it nowSmiley Happy


That's a pleasure to speak to you all. I'll optimize my campaigns with your advices and see what happens. Thank you one more time for your very usefull tips !!


Re: Bids on a partner name

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Collaborator ✭ ✭ ✭

Do you use all types of extensions as they are part of the ad rank now ? Make your campaign as relevant as possible.


I was doing research today for how extensions impact ad rank lately and in this video ( especially from min 1:58)


It is explained how sitelinks added to a campaign may give a signal to google that your ad deserves a slice of the Top of page , because it's expected CTR could be better. For example you ad could appear 50 impressions to the top and 500 to the right hand side. But if those 50 impressions catch a big CTR, your QS could be raised ( again a personal estimation, I am just making an educated guess)


I think the same applies to having a successful Call Extension recording many calls for a particular keyword can actually boost your ad rank. Many calls can mean more relevancy for you and a click to the call button is just as valuable as a click on the Headline, it contributes to overall CTR. Many recorded clicks could increase the expected CTR. Use call extensions and all the other extensions.


If you can use review extensions , quote "You aren’t charged for clicks on reviews but, as always, you’re charged for clicks on the ad itself." , from here : link


What you are experiencing has to do with what CTR google expects from your Ad position. It could expect a 20% CTR from the first position awarding it a QS of 5 if their CTR is 19% or also it could expect 5% CTR at Ad position 4 awarding you the QS of 1 because your CTR falls a lot below this expected CTR. Bear in mind this is just a fictional scenario but things have changed since the Expected CTR plays a role.


I love how it is explained in here , how google uses "crowd decisions" to evaluate relevance :


Basically how I interpret this information is this : if the majority of the crowd likes your competition for the Call extension for example and they are getting a lot of clicks there, it is going to evaluate you by comparison, and lower the QS if your call extensions perform far worse.


My advice on this is : it would help to have an easy to remember phone number with many repeating numbers.

Re: Bids on a partner name

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Thank you one more time for all these informations.

I'll give you a feed back in a few days, when my campaigns will have been running for a few days with the new adjustments Smiley Happy