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Bidding the highest – Does it guarantee top ad position? Day #4

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Day 4: AdWords Insight # 4 –


Bidding the highest – Does it guarantee top ad position?


The answer is – NO. I will explain it why...


It is true that AdWords runs an auction every time a user runs search query, but the highest bidder does not necessarily win the game.


The position of an ad is decided by ad ranks. The amount you bid for a keyword is however a factor in ad factor, yet it’s not all.  


Ad Rank is a score given to every ad in the auction based your bid, quality score, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats you may be using with your ads.


Let me repeat that there three decisive factors for ad ranks – quality score, bid, and the expect impact of extensions/ad-formats. Google analyses all these factors and then comes up with a rank for your ad.


Here's the best explanation of AdWords Auction –






















Okay, so now you must be convinced that even when you bid the highest for a keyword, it does not guarantee that it will trigger your ad to the top position. This is the beauty or say - the biggest advantage of AdWords that it treats both multi-million business and a small family owned enterprise the same. It’s more about quality and relevance than merely money.


If you need better ad ranks, you need to bring in quality, relevance, and better experience for your potential customers. It all eventually works towards your own benefits where you get more targeted website visitors which are more likely to convert.




But here’s another question – how?


How can you get better Ad Ranks for your ads?


On that note, let me discuss some of significant optimization tips which will help you improve ad ranks for your ads.


  • Choose the right set of keywords which could help you be exactly on the GSRP (Google Search Result Page) where your customers are
  • While doing keyword research act as if you were a potential customer looking for the exact product/service you are offering. What would you have typed in Google search if you needed the same product/service? Include the answers in your keywords.
  • Write ad copies keeping in the mind the keywords you have chosen. Take your ad copy as the main entrance gate and landing page as the main showroom. Your ad copy is the display board that your customers are going to see first, make the most of it by including the best you to have offer. Talk value to your customers, why should they use your product/service?
  • While writing ad copies, do not forget to include call to action. Ask people to take action, for instance – call us today, contact now, buy now, avail discounts etc. Sometimes we do not take actions as long as we are not asked, do ask.
  • Use relevant ad extensions and formats to enhance your ads.  They influence the position of your ads on the search results page, yes they do. If your ad has more positive expected impact from extensions and formats, you are going to win auction even when your competitor’s Ad has the same bid and quality.
  • You are more likely to pay lesser for the same position if your extensions and formats are highly relevant, and a high positive performance impact is expected from them.
  • Work with your landing page and focus more your ultimate conversion goal and align it well with the overall user-experience.
  • A better landing page is the one that is easy to navigate, opens well on all devices, loads fast, and looks pleasant to your visitors. Think from a customer’s perspective, if they love your page, AdWords will too. And you will eventually have better quality score and ad ranks.

The optimization tips discussed above will help you get better expected impact of your ads. They will help you have better ad ranks and at the same your campaigns will be more targeted to your conversion goal. Isn't it what your advertising goal is?


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Ratan Jha

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Re: Bidding the highest – Does it guarantee top ad position? Day #4

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Love it when someone uses the Hal Varien Video - Good article !!!

Re: Bidding the highest – Does it guarantee top ad position? Day #4

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Thanks Eric! And yes, this video by Hal Varien is definitely the best on AdWords Auction by now.

Bidding the highest – Does it guarantee top ad position? Day #4

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I have a question:


If I do not attach tracking analytic code to website, how can Google detect about rank ads ? So at that time I think all things are going same priority... Sometimes I tested A/B campaign and see not anytime attached conversion tag is more effective than non analytics !