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Bid strategy for Call only campaign

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I'm running a Call only campaign for the last month, and i wanted to know if my bid strategy is the right one, i have a really bad ROI.

Few details about my campaign:

171 keywords divided by 45 groups that most of them are separate groups for 2 or 3 terms (broad/exact/phrase)

i've schedule my campaign to work for 8:00 to 20:00

Call only campaign 

my budget is $120 a day, avg CPC around $14 


I have almost 170 keywords divided by broad/exact/phrase type for each group of related terms, (for example: 3 terms that appear in three separate groups broad/exact/phrase)  is this the right structure to have? i'm getting several opinions about it..

if i limited my campaign for call only do i have a chance beating my competitors that use search campaign (which can show for both mobile and PC?

is it recommended to have a lot of keywords in a campaign or more targeted group of terms?

do i need to push or remove low quality score keywords? or keywords that don't gets clicks?


what is the beast recommended bid strategy for call only campaign?   (which i need to be at the first three positions and willing to pay for that)



Thanks for the help!!

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Re: Bid strategy for Call only campaign

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Hi Adi,

Call only campaigns are not suitable for all kind of businesses.
You need to have simple search campaigns to get exposure on computers also as call only ads will appear only on those devices which can make a call.

And regarding the bid strategy; no bid strategy is there for any specific type of business, its depends on your goal. Better is testing the different bid strategies(including flexible) and then analysing the best one for maximum ROI.

You can choose "Maximize clicks" for maximum traffic, "Target search page location" for 1st page or top of page, Target outranking share to outrank your competitor. So give a test and analyse the performance.
But you need to have a good quality score to make these bid strategies perform better.

Go through the link to make successful call only campaigns:

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