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Bid raises too high when adding as exact match

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I have recently started bidding on some high competition keywords and getting decent enough CTR ~4%.


I started having a few phrase matches and then looking at what was searched for in the keyword report. There were lots of keyword phrases that had a couple of impressions with 1 or 2 clicks (e.g. very high ctr).


So I added these as exact match.


However, now these eact match keywords are saying my bid is too low to be on the first page.


Is it actually better in these situations to not pull out the individual keywords and keep bidding on phrases?





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Re: Bid raises too high when adding as exact match

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Hi DrZork101,


Thanks for your post!


The Keyword warnings are there to give you advice on that specific keyword and match type. So if an exact match keyword is giving you a warning indicating the bid is too low to place on the first page, it means that more often than not, you are being out-competed on that match type based on your CPC bid.


If this keyword is a valuable keyword to you, then I would advise keeping the match type and working with the bid warnings and seeing how the keyword performs over a time and make an informed decision on if this keyword match type is providing you with a strong return on your investment.


However, if you're happy with how the phrase match keyword is performing for you, then stick with it. Exact match keyword types are there to ensure you can be as specific and as relevant as possible for when your ads trigger but if you're happy with the slightly broader match type then go for it.


Hope this helps!