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Bid change single country when targeting all

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It seems I can´t add only a single country to a campaign in order to adjust the bid for that when I am targeting "all countries". What happens is that only that country will be targeted, which certainly not the intention, and that I´d need to add all individual countries to the list in order to adjust bid only for one.

Is this really so? 

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September 2015

Re: Bid change single country when targeting all

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Hi David, I think it is the case, and I recall this being asked by another poster a while back - it's on my list of suggestions for Google!

It seems the only option you have in this case is to add all the countries manually, which of course then gives you the ability to apply bid adjustments as you'd like.


I agree, I think it's something that should be added to the targeting engine.  I'll ask some questions.




(edit)  Of course, I should point out - as I'm sure you know David - that in a simple Account, the way around this is to have a separate Campaign for the country in question, then exclude that country from the main Campaign.  This, however, is probably not a suitable answer for a large and/or complex Account with many Campaigns and/or many "individual" countries.

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