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Bid adjustment by day of month

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I would like to increase bids by 20% in the last 5 days of the month across the account, and change back in the beginning of the month. 

The problem is some of my KWs use the ad group bid, while others have specific bids. 

If I run an automated rule to increase all bids, and another to decrease them after a few days, this creates a KW level bid for all the KWs that used the ad group bid before.


I would like to raise bids only for the KWs that have a KW level bid, without touching those that don't, and then change the bid at the ad group level, which would affect all the rest. Basically I'd like to have something like a time of day bid adjustment, but for day of the month. 


Is this possible or would it require a script?




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April 2016

Re: Bid adjustment by day of month

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You can do this with Automate Rules without using a script pretty easily. The only trouble you will have is updating the rule to include keywords that you recently move out of AdGroup-Level bidding or move back into it.


What you can do is sort by keyword bid and create a label at the keyword level and apply it to all keywords with keyword-level bidding. The label could be "KeyWord Bid". Then go to the campaign level and view all keywords. Filter your view to only show keywords with that label. Then click "Automate" "Change Max. CPC Bids when -> Apply to Selected Keywords (select all keywords in that view) and then increase or decrease however much you want. Set it monthly. Then create a second rule that decreases them back to normal (may need to decrease by a different percent than what you increased to reach the Original number).