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Bid Vs Impressions

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Hello everyone.


I have a keyword "+adwords +services" (broad modified) for which, according to AdWords, the Estimated Top Page Bid is Rs 0.35, while my bid is Rs. 20 (almost 57 times higher). My QS is 10 & currently my Average Position is 2.2. Now,


a) I would have thought that with my bid so much higher than the Est. Top Page Bid, my Position would be 1, or Top of the Page, but it isn't.

b) Does it mean I am bidding way too high & I should drop my bid substantially?

c) Even with such a high relative bid, I have had 6 impressions in the whole day. Admittedly, it's a low volume keyword, but my market is all India. I was hoping for at least 50 impressions.

Re: Bid Vs Impressions

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Heloo Vineet !


Not even the best cook in the world can prepare a feast for 100 people with a can of 6 peas ( impressions) . Your data is not enough for predicting a change in action. I understand that you are eager for a positive change but you should wait to gather more data.


Have you used the keyword tool to asses useful keywords ? This tool shows 330 daily searches for this expression adwords services .    However have you analyzed what is your impression share for that keyword ? Maybe it is less than 10 % due to a low daily budget. Friday is not a good day to analyze data neither is one day, you should draw conclusions after one week of high and low daily traffic.


There is no such thing as a "too high MaxCPC that hurts your performance"


Average position is relative to the time-frame that you select . What time frame did you select for that 2.2 Avg. Pos ? Was it only one day and was relative to those 6 impressions ?


Are you using the english words across the entire India or the indian words ?

How much is your MaxCPC for that keyword relative to your daily budget ? If the budget can only cover 2-3 clicks, that could be the reason for receiving very few impressions.


You could use the plural and the singular for "advertising agency" and "advertising agencies" because they could have different CTR and resulting different resulting QS.


The keyword tool can show you some other interesting keywords with : low competition, low aprox CPC, high no. of searches and a good targeting towords finding a contractor for internet advertising :










Re: Bid Vs Impressions

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I used a currency convertor for your "Estimated Top Page Bid is Rs 0.35", I wonder if the result is correct 1 rupee is 1.8 cents ( I have learned that google uses the currency convertor from City Bank to any currency ->> $ )


This would mean that 0.35 RS is less than 1 cent, for an estimated top page bid for the entire India, this is a very low value for a BBM like +adwords +services . There is something wrong , a big restriction somewhere or a wrong currency conversion.


What are you negative words ? Can you list them all here ? Are you using phrase negatives in keywords with 2 or 3 words or broad negatives ? 


Here is an article with examples about negatives :


What is your estimate traffic for the broad / phrase / exact matches for your keywords. The "Traffic estimator" tool can tell you how much to raise your bid and daily budget in order to get the most available impressions. After using it with your suggested keyword adwords services, the traffic to be expected is indeed as low as you have experienced it.


For example this is how I would use the traffic estimator to plan your budget for 55 clicks a day for all those keywords you would need a budget of aprox 1800 rupee per day ( my 110 ron ). That can get lower if you setup negatives .












Re: Bid Vs Impressions

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Hence my problem.


Experts advise against using general keywords like 'adwords" in the broad match form.


I have tried using only broad modifiers, but the traffic, in the Indian context is very low, and as confirmed by the Traffic Estimator, increasing bid just does not increase impressions as the overall impressions are very low for keywords like +adwords +expert. So the only logical way forward is to mix keywords.


I really do not think there is any alternative as far as I am concerned.