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Better concentrate or spread out campaign over time

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Hi all, new adwords campaigner here. Just wondering about the relationship between concentrated ad campaigns and those spread out over periods of time. Say CPC is not an issue, just numbers of clicks, would it be better to put all the budget into a short period, say over a month, or spread it out over time? Any knowledge from past experience greatly appreciated!

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Re: Better concentrate or spread out campaign over time

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Hello Rebecca L,


This is my personal experience, assuming that your Goal is sales although it could very well be something else such as branding or obtaining simply traffic : 


1) If your buyers have a big Time Lag between research and purchase, meaning that they seek reviews today but they buy after 2 months, such as purchasing a yearly holiday in the tourism business, it makes sense to spread the budget over months.


2) If 90 % of your visitors do not make a purchase at the first visit , and they need 2-3 clicks on the Ads to purchase, then it also makes sense to prolong the budget over time and even to use Remarketing.


Let's see what others have to say on this too, as this Community is big and filled with generous people who share their experiences gladly.

Re: Better concentrate or spread out campaign over time

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I would say that Adrian B's initial suggestion is something worth considering. First, ask yourself what the purpose of your campaign is?


Are you trying to produce sales? The time lag between first-click and purchase is very important--you have to serve people your ads for the entire length of the buying cycle if you want to make sales. 


Is it a branding/awareness campaign?  A short ad cycle might be appropriate here. Having your ads appear often over a short period of time can raise brand awareness quickly. 


But the opposite can be true,for both of these cases. Unfortunately, your question is just too vague and there are too many unknown factors--not only the purpose of the campaign and the buying cycle but your audience, the network(s) you're serving, your keywords and whether or not you have statistically meaningful data to suggest your current list contains the words that produce conversions, the effectiveness of your landing pages and overall website, etc.


AdWords isn't a single process--it's a combination of factors that work together. Campaigns can produce different results during different hours of the day, different days of the week, and/or different seasons of the year.


So, I guess my "answer" would be that you need to consider your goals and set up your advertising accordingly. You'll need to test your approach, decide if it's working, and try something else if it isn't.



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Re: Better concentrate or spread out campaign over time

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Hello there;
This is an interesting question!
I like to illustrate Adwords as a system that "aims" towards a steady state.  At the beginning of a campaign, you work hard on optimizing, to (hopefully) "move"  the system /  (campaign) towards a steady state. Stoping a campaign, which has reached a steady state, and renewing it later - going, again, through a "tarsintion" / optimization to reach  a steady state - is not a process I would recommend.

I would "shoot" for a long term campaign, increasing the budget during seasonal sales, and lowering the budget in the remaining months, but not pausing the campaign entirely.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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