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Best way to stay away from top positions

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What can be recommended as the best technical solution to always have your ads on the side and not in top positions?  Say Avg.Pos. should always be ~3 or 4?


That's for conversion purposes,  Avg.Pos. 1 and 2 are worse for us than 3 or below.


Thank you!


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September 2015

Re: Best way to stay away from top positions

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Hi Dimitry,


Welcome to Adwords community


For this, you can use Adwords Automated rules. You have to set up some predefined rules to increase or decrease bid of your ads based on your ads average position.


Go to Automate

Set the Automated Action as Decrease bid 5 or 10% and Requirement as Avg.position better than 3, which will automatically decrease your bid if your ads are showing at position 1 or 2.


You can also set another rule to maintain your ads between particular positions like if Avg.position is worse than 6 then increase the bid.


Please go through the following link for complete information on Automated rules.

Re: Best way to stay away from top positions

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Hi @Dmitry P further to @John Paul Sing's reply, you could also look at using Scripts which, of course, is what I use for position control.


A script is more flexible than Automated Rules because it can handle multiple variables (for example, it could take into account conversion rate or CTR and use this as an additional condition for moving positions up and down) and it can handle more than one time period within the same script (for example, you might want to examine position over the last 7 days, but look at conversion rates over the last 30).



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